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Got Acne? Clinique Has the Solution.

Got acne? It affects nearly 50 million Americans. Not only teens and young adults suffer from breakouts either. 20% of adults suffers from acne too. Finding an effective acne solution can be difficult. For the first time, Clinique is able to clinically prove results as good as a prescription acne drug with their brand new Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel.

Got acne? Learn how to get rid of it!


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Beauty Products that Go the Distance.

Sponsored by P&G Beauty

Just like the athletes in the Olympic Winter Games out in the extreme elements, we can relate too; this winter has been rough. I'm sure we would all love to be at the Olympic Games in the warm 60 degree temperatures they are having in Sochi right now, but we are not. Thankfully, there are a host of beauty products that go the distance to keep us in the best condition through the worst elements.

Beauty Products that Go the Distance in Winter


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The All New COVERGIRL truBLEND Collection.

Do you ever just stare at the line up of foundations on the shelf at the store wondering where to even begin? There are so many, in an order that doesn't seem to make sense. Looking at the names doesn't help either. Ivory, beige, almond, porcelain.... what? How would you describe your skin tone? Light, medium or deep, right? But there is so much in between. That is where COVERGIRL got smart about it, as they went about reformulating their new look for their great line up of truBLEND collection.


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