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Winter Beauty Favorites & Tips from COVERGIRL Figure Skater Gracie Gold.

I can't wait for the 2014 Winter Olympics that begin in just one month on February 6th. I will be watching the games and be cheering along the US athletes. One of my favorite sports to watch at the Olympics has been figure skating and have been a follower of the figure skaters for years. Imagine my excitement when I heard that figure skater (and Massachusetts native) Gracie Gold was the latest COVERGIRL! I recently got to ask Gracie a few questions.

Winter Beauty Favorites & Tips from COVERGIRL Figure Skater Gracie Gold.

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The 14 Best Lip Balms for 2014.

With winter here, my lips are drier than ever. They need extra moisture throughout the day, and an extra layer at night. Lip balm is the perfect way to give lips that extra bit of hydration they need.

Best Winter Lip Balms |

Lip balms come in various forms; sticks, pots, spheres and tubes of jelly. The good thing is, as long as you have a good formula and reapply throughout the day, they all work to some degree, but some are definitely better than others. Here are the 14 best lip balms for dry lips for 2014.

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Secret NEW Clinical Strength Collection.

Now that the holidays are over, it doesn't mean that I'm sweating any less. I think I'm sweating and stressing more thinking of everything coming up in 2014 already. Not only do I have resolutions to make and stick to, I have trips planned (one next week), new projects to keep my already over scheduled life even more busy, and my daughter will be leaving home and going to college this year. Those are just a few things to get me started sweating! Luckily, Secret has more Clinical Strength offerings to keep me covered.

Secret NEW Clinical Strength Collection

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