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NARS Matte Multiple.

I am all about double duty products and one of my long time favorite double duty makeup products is the NARS Multiple. I have quite a few in my beauty arsenal. NARS has gone and made the Multiple just a tad better and even more wearable because they have made it matte. Meet the new NARS Matte Multiple.

NARS Matte Multiple

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Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss Collection.

A beautiful nude lip is always on trend in my mind, but now more than ever we will be seeing it. It was all over the runway at the Autumn/Winter Fashion Week Shows and on the red carpet at the Academy Awards this week. That means it is hot, hot, hot. Of course, the brand that does Naked better than anyone else, Urban Decay, has a brand new line of Naked Lipgloss.

Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss Collection

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RejuvadermMD At-Home Microdermabrasion Review & a Giveaway.

I do what I can to look and feel as young as I can. I have vowed to taking better care of myself. I use sunscreen every day of the year. I use the finest anti-aging creams. I don't have the time or money to go to the doctor or spa to get a lot of fancy treatments though, so I have been experimenting with a lot of at-home anti-aging devices. One such device that is popular is microdermabrasion. There is a brand new anti-aging device that is just launching this month and you are seeing here first; this is the RejuvadermMD At-Home Microdermabrasion device.

How to perform a microdermabrasion treatment at-home.

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