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Top 10 Black Eyeliners.

10 Best Black Eyeliners

Black eyeliner is one of many staples that everyone needs in their makeup bag. Whether used on the inner rim, to smoke out an eye look, glam it up for the evening or wing it out, a black eyeliner can add a lot of drama to any look with just a quick step. A great black eyeliner is essential to your makeup bag, whether you prefer pencil, liquid or gel, you need at least one (or a few). I have tried hundreds of eyeliners in all of my testing and when I find a great eyeliner, I always pick up a black shade. These are the best black eyeliners I have tried.

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The Best Makeup Palettes for Spring.

Spring is such a great time for makeup and changing it up. You don't have to change it up a lot; a new spring makeup palette is all you need. This year all of the spring makeup palettes have a few things in common, pastels and nudes. Some of the new spring makeup palettes even combine them both. Whether you want a spring makeup palette for eyes, a spring makeup palette for cheeks, or a spring makeup palette that has makeup for eyes and cheeks, there is a new spring makeup palette for everyone. These are the best new makeup palettes for spring.

The Best Makeup Palettes for Spring

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The Best Makeup Removing Wipes.

Removing makeup every night before bed is one of the most important steps in your beauty routine. If you don't want to take the time and cleanse your skin at the sink, the easiest way to remove makeup and cleanse your skin is with a makeup removing wipe. There are many makeup removing wipes available. Some simply remove  makeup, but some do much more. Some makeup removing wipes have added benefits of exfoliating and some even have skin care ingredients in them.

Using Makeup Wipes to Remove Makeup

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