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Top 10 New Mascaras for 2015.

I may be set in my ways when it comes to mascara because I always think I have found my 'holy grail', but then a new mascara comes along that seems to be better than my current favorite. The fact that brands are continually improving their formulas and launching new mascaras with new features, I don't think I will ever truly find one mascara to settle upon. With things like specialized brushes, wands and cutting edge formulas so that lashes bigger and better than ever, I am constantly wowed.

I have had a list of top mascaras, and while I usually use just drugstore mascaras (many of these are mascaras under $10, you have to give it up to the brands and all of the new mascara launches just this year alone! I've tried all of these on the list, and though I have just reviewed a few specifically, I have mentioned the others here and there. All of these rightfully deserve a spot on this list of top 10 new mascaras for 2015.

Top 10 New Mascaras for 2015

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Top Pedicure Essentials.

I have been spending a lot of time barefoot. Between walking sans shoes, on the beach in the sand, on the cement by the pool, having my feet look their best in sandals has been taking a little bit of extra work lately. I'm not just talking slapping on a pretty nail polish color either. My feet have been in rough shape! Here are some products that I have been depending on to get my feet back to their pretty self so they can be back to sandal perfect.

Top Pedicure Essentials

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National Lipstick Day: My Favorite Lipsticks.

Today is National Lipstick Day! With more lipsticks than anything else in my makeup collection, I think it's great that this makeup item has a nationally recognized day.

Did you even know that in 1923, the swivel tube lipstick was invented? This makeup item has become something us makeup girls take for granted. This amazing little beauty we call lipstick has become a daily staple in my life, and I am betting many of yours too.

I have tried hundreds and hundreds - if not thousands of lipsticks over the years and definitely have my favorites. I am not even going to get into colors when talking about my favorite lipsticks because those change seasonally, but I definitely have my favorites. Choosing my favorite lipsticks is pretty difficult hard, so I am going with my ten most used lipsticks -- as in brands. Any of these would be great for adding to your daily beauty routine.

Best Lipsticks for Everyday Use

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