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The Wantable Makeup Box.

There is another sample box on the market and this one was made just for us makeup lovers. Sounds great, right? Meet Wantable.

Now, I am admittedly not a fan of sample boxes after trying and comparing beauty sample boxes late last year. Let's take a look at Wantable and see if I have changed my mind.

Wantable Makeup Box Review

When going to website,, you can select from different boxes. Currently there is makeup, accessories and intimates. I am obviously going to talk about the makeup box, so you under makeup, you would click on "select box". This will bring you the a page showing this months box. It is a subscription service, in which for $36, you will get a new makeup box each month. You can also just purchase a one-off box for $40.

You next go through a very intensive quiz so the service gets to know you, about your coloring, needs, likes and dislikes. It took me about 10 minutes. I "told" the quiz what colors and formulas I liked to get a very customized box.

The box I received was the August box and it contained 5 full sizes makeup products, plus two samples. The box was curated by expert Matthew Ambrosio and he centered the box around bold eyeliner. In the box was an FACE Stockholm Gel Eyeliner in Brown ($24), a Japonesque Smudger Brush in a travel size, to apply the liner ($14.50), a Michael Marcus Brow Pencil in a Blonde Shade ($24), a FACE Stockholm Blush in a pretty rose shade ($20.00, and a Rainbow Honey Nail Lacquer in Mint Flavor ($10). You can see the value is there. The products separately would cost $92.50. Would I have necessarily bought these items? Now that is the question.

Wantable Makeup Box Review

I really like the eyeliner, blush and smudger brush. As far as the brow pencil goes, I have never heard of Michael Marcus and the brow pencil color was wrong. I must have mentioned that I have blond hair in my profile, but my brows are far from blonde. I have never heard of Rainbow Honey Nail Lacquer either, and for the price, the quality is just not there. Can I justify the $36 for the products I like? Sure. I could have done without the samples though. I am not for trying an eyeshadow on a card and the lip balm seemed a little too homemade for my taste, but all in all it was a very good value. Knowing that each box contains 4-6 full sized items is definitely a plus.

If you are already a fan of beauty sample boxes, I would highly recommend this one for you, as you already know what to expect. But for someone as picky as me, I am still undecided. I really am torn on this one. While I would usually say you would be better off spending your hard earned cash on something you really want, I really liked three of the products that are far worth more than what I would have paid. I think I will need to see a few more boxes to give it a better judgement. I will let you know!


Bigger is Better: 6 Supersize Beauty Products to Buy Now.

When shopping for beauty products that you use often, bigger is better. Think of your favorite beauty products. If they are products that you really love and buy month after month, stock up by buying supersize. Not only will you save trips to the store, you will be saving money to boot.

Take my favorite Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser as an example. I could purchase the 3oz. size for $10.00 ($3.33/oz), 8oz. size for $22.00 ($2.75/oz), 16 oz. for $33.00 ($2.06/oz), 24 oz. for $41.00 ($1.71/oz), or 32 oz. for $50.50 ($1.58/oz). Obviously, the best deal is to buy the largest size and pay less per ounce.

Here are my favorite supersize beauty products that are super beauty buys.

Bigger is Better: 6 Supersize Beauty Products to Buy Now

It Cosmetics Supersize Airbrush Silk Luminizer .49oz. - $44.54
This silk finishing powder that adds a soft, airbrushed glow to skin is infused with Vitamins A,C and E to help skin as it makes it look better.

h2o+ Raspberry Guava Shower and Bath Gel Jumbo 32oz. - $24.00
This invigorating body wash has little beads suspended throughout that are full of Vitamin E to nourish the skin as it washes it. It smells so good, just like fresh, ripe raspberries!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream 12oz. - $39.00
A super thick, rich nourishing cream that works hard on even the driest of skin. I use this all over extra dry spots like feet and elbows for instant and soothing relief.

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate 5oz. - $175.00
If you want the results of a facial in a few minutes right in your home, this best seller does the trick better than any other. This scrub works by way of enzymes that slough away dead skin, unlike most scrubs that are harsh on the skin. It does so immediately and over time to give skin a super healthy glow.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer 1.7oz. - $49.00
The best selling foundation primer, preps and primes skin by filling in pores and lines as it makes for a perfect base for makeup. Foundation just looks better and lasts longer when using.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser 32oz. - $50.50
My favorite cleanser and product I use each and every day, removes every trace of dirt, oil, makeup with just a very small amount. I have yet to find another cleanser that works as quickly and effectively on my face, while keeping it soft and smooth.


Mascara Monday: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.

Too Faced launched a new mascara this fall and they are claiming that it is Better Than Sex. I'm not even going to go there, but this mascara does do pretty exciting things to me.

Let's first take a look at the tube. It is sleek and sexy in smooth pink. That is exciting, isn't it?

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

As for the kind of excitement I am really talking about, Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara lengthens, thickens and defines my lashes in a super black formula. And that is not all. This mascara adds gentle curl to the lashes with its hourglass shaped brush. It is similar to COVERGIRL Flamed Out Mascara, but in a more tame way. It has less of the hourglass curve that Flamed Out has, but still enough where it hugs the lash line and helps to form the curl. I really like the brush shape.

I really like the formula too. It is thick and really darkens lashes, but doesn't weigh them down. In wearing all day, I never experienced any flaking or smudging.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is available now for $23.00 at and Sephora.