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Help Your Man Feel Cool + Confident this Summer.

My house is full of a few things beside beauty and two of them are boys and music. I am a Mom to three boys in their teens and twenties and the house is always bumping the music. It's sort of lively around here! While my daughter and I seem to get to test a lot of beauty stuff pretty regularly, my boys do need help when it comes to feeling fresh, cool and confident. AXE has a new White Label and it's the brands new, more sophisticated variety for men -- and my boys are loving it.

AXE White Label to Keep Men Cool + Confident

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Boost Energy + Look Better with MitoQ.

Aging is hard. The older I get the more tired I become. Not all the time, but there are days that I lack a lot of the energy that I used to have. Keeping up with my kids, running from morning til night -- it is not as easy as it once was. I try to eat right and I exercise regularly, but I still needed help. That's when I was introduced to MitoQ and it was just what I was looking for.

Boost Energy + Look Better with MitoQ

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Get Your Style Fix: Easy Voluminous Hair Tutorial.

I am one who likes a bit of volume in my hair but I am lazy, especially in the summer. I don't have time for curling or hot rollers - I am strictly a girl who breaks out the blow dryer and big round brush to get my style fix. Now, my hair is fragile and thin; I have colored and highlighted my hair for many years so I use some products to nourish and protect my hair and only use heat on it two to three times a week. I have got my easy voluminous hair routine down to just a few steps and products so it lasts a few days. Here is an easy voluminous hair tutorial so you can get your style fix too.

Easy Voluminous Hair Tutorial for Shoulder Length Hair #MyStyleFix

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