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Get Moving + Stay Beautiful: Gym Bag Beauty Musts. 

I've taken a pledge to get in shape this summer. I've been (surprisingly) doing really well with my weight loss plan and I am just starting to incorporate some exercise into my overall plan. It's HOT out though. Staying fresh and beautiful though all of the elements takes some work. I've got some products that I keep in my gym bag and professional tips to stay in shape this summer and it is all much easier than it sounds. If I can do it, trust me -- you can too!

Gym Bag Beauty Musts

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Help Your Man Feel Cool + Confident this Summer.

My house is full of a few things beside beauty and two of them are boys and music. I am a Mom to three boys in their teens and twenties and the house is always bumping the music. It's sort of lively around here! While my daughter and I seem to get to test a lot of beauty stuff pretty regularly, my boys do need help when it comes to feeling fresh, cool and confident. AXE has a new White Label and it's the brands new, more sophisticated variety for men -- and my boys are loving it.

AXE White Label to Keep Men Cool + Confident

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Boost Energy + Look Better with MitoQ.

Aging is hard. The older I get the more tired I become. Not all the time, but there are days that I lack a lot of the energy that I used to have. Keeping up with my kids, running from morning til night -- it is not as easy as it once was. I try to eat right and I exercise regularly, but I still needed help. That's when I was introduced to MitoQ and it was just what I was looking for.

Boost Energy + Look Better with MitoQ

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