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Spa At Home Must Haves for Glowing Skin.

It's a fact that the spa can do so much for your skin. With treatments ranging from facials, scrubs, masks and other indulgent treatments, they are certainly beneficial and important to maintaining glowing skin. I love to get facials and spa treatments regularly, but not as regularly as I'd like; it is just not in my budget. I do regularly spa at home and have a list of products and tools that I depend on to keep my skin looking it's best.

Spa At Home Must Haves for Glowing Skin

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The Beauty Secrets I've Learned from Mom.

I've been spending a lot of time with my Mom lately. We are very close already, but as she is getting older I have learned to appreciate the time we have more. Our talks are longer and our time together is more meaningful. It's funny how things have changed; my Mom now comes to me for beauty secrets. My Mom asks me what creams and serums she should use and sometimes asks for a lipstick or nail polish out of my beauty closet. I realize though, that the real beauty secrets are those that I learned from her many years ago.

The Beauty Secrets I've Learned from Mom

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Currently Obsessed: Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo.

I don't know about you, but my hair most often looks and styles better on its second and even third day after washing. I am not sure what it is; it looks great as soon as it is blown out and styled but there is something about re-styling it on the second and third day -- it just holds better. The problem? Oil and you know, that smell. The smell of oil built up on the scalp and product in the hair that leaves behind that tell tale sign that you haven't freshly washed. I depend on dry shampoo to extend time in between washings but dry shampoos are not created equal. I think I just found the holy grail of dry shampoo: the brand new Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo.

DIY: How to extend your blowout and have a great hair day with a dry shampoo like Moroccanoil NEW Dry Shampoo. It makes updos easy!

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