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Tan Overnight with Sun Laboratories.


I am off to a sunny locale for vacation! Of course I am self-tanning because the thought of my pasty white legs on a beautiful golden sand beach even gives me the willies. An overnight is easy when you have the right products and I have found some new ones that are giving me the glow I want and fast. What am I using? Well, I am using three products as part of my self-tanning routine. They come from self-tanning brand Sun Laboratories, and this is the Tan Overnight Self Tanning Lotion Set.

The set includes three products: an exfoliator body gel, a self-tanner and a tan extender.

Exfoliant Body Gel

I use this gel with a netted sponge for a few days before I started self tanning. I'll continue to use it once or twice a week in order to keep the dead skin off, which helps keeps a self-tan longer.

Self Tanning Lotion

This tinted tanning lotion, with a yummy cherry almond scent, contains the right amount of color to see where I apply the lotion. It absorbs and dries pretty quickly.  I noticed my skin color deepen, almost too dark initially. Once I showered off the tint or color guide, the golden tan was a perfect medium shade. Not too light or not too dark. I am using Dark, which actually leaves my skin a nice believable bronze. I've had a lot of experience with self-tanning, so I am pretty good at application. There is also an Ultra-Dark shade available.

Tan Moisturizer Maintainer

I am using this every night before bed to maintain my tan. It is a lotion that contains a very light blend of DHA (the self-tanning ingredient) to help maintain and extend the tan. It has a fresh Aloe Vera scent and absorbs quick and keeps my skin hydrated too.

So far, my tan is looking good and I am on day three. I would probably reapply the Self Tanning Lotion every five days to maintain the color I want.

The Tan Overnight Self Tanning Lotion Set sells for $43.95 online.

My friends at Sun Laboratories have offered Beautiful Makeup Search readers a little discount and special to be used sitewide at Use code 0214 for 10% off your total order and use code 20028 to get a free travel size bottle.

Reader Comments (5)

My favorite sunless tanner by far.
Smart because its a set and everything you need.
I've tried this from my salon and all the gals there use it and swear by it. I could swear it is the same thing as XenTan. It gives me the same color and looks and smells the same.
Sun Labs has been one of my go to self tanners for years. I love that it doesn't have the funky smell like so many others or at least it doesn't on me. Makes a very natural looking tan!
I love tanning, but hate waiting for lotions to work. This might be my answer! Thanks for the coupon code.

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