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The NARS Andy Warhol Collection.

NARS' largest collection and colloboration to date, the NARS Andy Warhol Collection information is here.

"Pop art pioneer, filmmaker, and publisher, Andy Warhol was one of the most important visual artists of the 20th century. He joked “art is whatever you can get away with.” A painting, a movie, a TV commercial, an album cover, or an interview with a movie star. For Andy, art could be anything, but whatever he did, he did it as if it were fine art. He made paintings with a photo booth and ‘Screen Tests’ – movies that barely moved. He made an 8-hour movie starring the Empire State Building. He changed the way we see the world.

Andy Warhol’s world has been inspiring François Nars for years. Now NARS introduces a limited edition collection in the spirit of Andy Warhol. From the formulas and shades to the packaging and names, every element of the collection evokes François Nars’ take on the cool, image-rich, character-laden world of Warhol.

Everybody is a Superstar. At least for 15 minutes."

There are three collections that make up the entire collection: Color Collection, Pop Collection and Silver Factory Collection.

Here are just a few images to get your heart racing. I will have full rundowns of each collection soon.

The Pop Collection will be available exclusively at Sephora beginning October 1, and the Color Collection and Silver Factory Collection will be available for purchase at department and specialty stores as well as


Reader Comments (6)

Love the colors and can't wait to try out the shadows.
OMG, this looks great, I cant wait!
Cant decide what I need more, the lips gloss or the Platte. GORG!
Me too, Aleya! I will be buying so much from this collection. It's incredible.
I can't either Mary. I am already trying to figure out what I need for myself and what I will be buying as gifts. Love the Holiday sets.
Hi Linda - I feel your pain. I say to heck with it and buy them both ;)

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