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Time to Toss the Old Makeup.

As the new year is here, it is a great time to think about cleaning out your makeup bag or drawer.

Like just about anything you use on your body, beauty products do expire and go bad over time. I know it is hard to think about throwing away something that may have barely been used, but for safety sake, it really is for the best.

There are lists all over the web about what to toss and when, but I am getting this advice right from the master, Bobbi Brown. As listed in her book The Makeup Manual, these are Bobbi's suggestions.

Your products will expire in the following amount of time after first opening.

Liquid and Cream Foundation - 2 years
Concealer - 2 years
Powder - 2 years
Mascara - 6 months
Lipstick - 12 to 18 months
Lip and Eye Pencils - 12 to 18 months
Eye Shadow - 2 years
Powder Blush - 2 years
Cream Blush - 2 years
Moisturizer - 2 years
Eye Cream - 6 months
Sunscreen - 2 years
Face Cream - 2 years

If your items are from MAC, do not throw them away. Bring them back to MAC, for their BACK TO MAC recycling program. For every six items of primary MAC packaging that you return to them for recycling, you can get one free lipstick of your choice.


Reader Comments (3)

And no matter what the expiration date is, if it smells funky or the consistency seems weird or "off," it's probably time to toss it. Even if it's "just" powder and not an eye product like mascara, the skin can have microscopic tears that can let bad bacteria in. Don't risk it...

Great tips!
Wow.. 2 years? That's a long time... very little price to pay for something that lasts very long
Great reference! For mascaras I usually to 3 months as I use it everyday

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