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Urban Decay NAKED2 Eyeshadow Palette.

Back in December, I saw a tweet about the Urban Decay NAKED2 Palette being for sale. I remember that I was not home when I saw the tweet, and my attempts at ordering online at from my phone failed. At the time, I thought it was my phone. Wrong! Thousands must have rushed to the site at once to order, and the ordering system was basically crippled. Seeing as the original NAKED Palette is the beauty industry's best selling palette where more than one sells every minute, it is no wonder that the sequel is selling out in records as well.

Well, I finally have my hands on the NAKED2, and I couldn't wait to share its beauty with you.

NAKED2 comes boxed beautifully in a sturdy tin, with a large mirror, and includes a custom double sided brush - Good Karma Shadow/Crease Brush, and a mini Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Naked.  Hey, those are great bonuses, but let's get to the shadows as that is what NAKED2 is all about.

NAKED2, as the original NAKED Palette has 12 shadows that are on the beautiful, every day, more neutral shade range. Now, NAKED2 does not replace NAKED, it was created to coexist with it.

The shadows, from left to right:

  • Foxy - Cream bisque with matte finish
  • Half Baked - Golden bronze with shimmery finish
  • Booty Call - Shimmery Cork
  • Chopper - Copper Shimmer with silver micro glitter
  • Tease - Creamy pale brown with matte finish
  • Snake Bite - Dark bronze shimmer with metallic base
  • Suspect - Pale golden beige with shimmery finish
  • Pistol - Light greyish brown with shimmery finish
  • Verve - Oyster with shimmery finish
  • YDK - Cool bronze shimmer with metallic base
  • Busted - Deep brown with shimmery finish
  • Blackout - Blackest black with matte finish

As I like to limit my use of shimmery shades and only three of the shadows are matte, I was a little worried about these and thought they might be too shimmery for me. This is not at all the case, with the exception of Chopper, Snake Bite and YDK, as the shimmer is subtle and can even be worn everyday by a woman my age. Personally, I would save Chopper, Snake Bite and YDK for night or more special occasions, but I am not 25 anymore and have to be more careful about what I use on my eyes.

I am thrilled that all shades are wearable and can be mixed and matched for the ultimate in a customized natural look.

Can you truly do a natural eye look? Well, of course you can. I love using Foxy as a base, Tease on my lid and add a bit of Half Baked on the outer corner of my eyelid and smudge a bit under the eye. Or, I add Suspect in the crease over Tease and call it a day.

Can you smoke your eye with these shades? Yes, you can. Mix a bit of Pistol with Blackout and wow - the look is dramatic. Snake Bite or Busted is gorgeous for a smoky look. Or you can simply use Blackout as a liner, smudge it a bit and lighten up areas (yes, a matte black can be hard to wear) with Half Baked or YDK. Honestly, you just have to play with it and find what you love for your very own NAKED2 look.

NAKED2 ($50.00) has been in stock from time to time both at and at, where it is due to hit stores any day. Also online, it is for sale at, and It will also be at ULTA stores and select Macy's, so when you are out shopping, be sure to look for it.

Reader Comments (12)

Thank you so much for bringing me this post and photographs. I have read about it but wasn't sure because I am a bit older and almost hate to admit that I really like a lot of the Urban Decay products. I did not get the first Naked palette, but this one looks like I better just stalking because I really do want it now.
Love it. Definitely going to order now that I know it is not too shimmery, which immediately makes me think of frosty.
I bought the Naked eyeliners, have used the heck out of the Naked palette and now this. Of course, I'll be buying it.
Thanks for the great post. I want to see it in person before I still buy, but I am glad you thought it wasn't too much for us old gals. Thanks again.
Beautiful. I wonder if it will sell as fast as the other as soon as there are more in production. Gotta scoop the best sellers.
Kortney -

Don't be put of by the younger look and fell of most of the Urban Decay products. I love them too. They are really great makeup products, highly pigmented, soft, long-lasting. Everything we want. I really do like this palette and know you will rock it.
Rebecca. with the exception of the 3 that I mentioned that I will reserve for night-time use, the shimmer is subtle. Even the more shimmerty/metallic shades are nothing like the frosty shades of the past. Let me know how you like it!
I really love this one, even more than the original. If I had to choose it would be Naked2 over Naked!
Well, it seems that you are really a fan of the NAKED line Michelle, so obviously you need this one too. Enjoy!
After reading about a lot of shimmers in this palette, I was worried a bit too Jayne. Have no fear though, at all. The shimmer is gorgeous and not overdone. The best apat, that I forgot to mention in the post, is that these shadows so not fall at all, making the shimmers even easier to use. I hate having to clean up underneath my eyes when using some shadows, and I am thrilled that these shadows leave no mess behind.
Yes, Charly. Us beauty gals love a great best-seller, don't we. I hope you get your hands on this one soon.
I am thinking that too Brooke. I am definitely recommending NAKED2 to friends, and obviously readers here. I love that the shades are a bit more on the taupe side of neutrals in this palette.

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