Get the Look: Amy Poehler at the 2014 Golden Globes.

Celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman created Amy Poehler’s look for the 2014 Golden Globes red carpet using Votre Vu products.

Get the Look: Amy Poehler at the 2014 Golden Globes.

“For Amy's triple duties at this year's Golden Globes (red carpet, host & nominee) I wanted to give her a vivid, sexy look that felt fresh, not overdone

I started prepping the skin by using Votre Vu Attentive Crème du Jour. It’s the perfect starting point for hydrated, firm skin.

Next, I used a Smashbox primer, which helps keep shine at bay and helps makeup hold up longer.

The foundation I used was Votre Vu Love Me Deux in Cannes. I wanted to give Amy's skin a lift of color. This sheer tinted moisturizer goes on seamlessly and is oh-so-natural looking. I dabbed the coordinating concealer on the inner eye near the tear duct to brighten and make the eyes pop. Next, I added a powder that was an ‘almost bronzer’ shade to give Amy's skin a warm glow.

For blush, I used Votre Vu Beaute En Bronze blush/bronzer duo. So as not to give Amy a too sweet/apple cheek look, I swept the deeper bronze shade in the hollow of the cheekbone and up toward temples. Just above it I swept the fleshy peach tone in the same direction.

I then applied a highlighter along the top of the cheekbone to catch light and add a dewy finish.

To makeup the eyes, I used Votre Vu Palette Play in Copper. I love this Votre Vu palette because it's super pigmented and can be used wet or dry. I used all fleshy/neutral tones on eyes and applied the shimmery bronze with a damp brush to (like the cheeks) catch light and give a dewy/cream shadow feel.

Eiffel Power Mascara was perfect for the red carpet since you definitely need something that's not only blackest black, but volumizes and gives ultimate length. My tip: curl the lashes before applying mascara and once more, just a quick pump, after the mascara has dried.

For the brows, I used Votre Vu's Arch De Triumphe in Fair. To give Amy's eyes the most open look possible, I brush this tinted soft wax behind brow hairs and slightly above, then brushed the hairs up for the fullest possible look.

For the lips, we kept it simple with a nude lip liner and clear gloss. I wanted Amy's lashes to be the darkest thing on her face, so we went with a soft and neutral lip. I filled in the entire lip with liner and applied a touch of gloss to the center to add moistness. “
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Her hair was created by hair stylist Mara Roszak for L’Oréal Paris.

INSPIRATION: To complement the clean lines and classic silhouette of Amy’s stunning Stella McCartney dress, Mara wanted her hair to have a more polished, sleek feel.
STEP 1: Mara started by applying L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Boost It High Lift Creation Spray ($4.99) to her roots

STEP 2: She blew dry the hair with a medium sized round brush

STEP 3: Then, she added waves to her hair with a 1 ½ inch barrel curling iron

STEP 4: Once the hair was set, she loosely brushed it out for a soft, loose-waved look

STEP 5: For extra shine, she sprayed L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Sleek It Strand Smoother Serum Spray ($4.99) all over Amy’s hair before finishing the look with L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Lock It Weather Control Hairspray ($4.99).

L’Oréal Paris products are available at your favorite drugstores or mass retailers.


Get the Look: Queen Latifah at the 2014 People’s Choice Awards.

One of my favorites, COVERGIRL Queen Latifah, won a 2014 People's Choice Award for Favorite New Talk Show Host. She looked stunning. Her makeup was done by COVERGIRL Ambassador Sam Fine. He shared how to get the look.

Get the Look: Queen Latifah at the 2014 People’s Choice Awards.

"Most often the clothes dictate the look; however, once Tim Snell (Latifah’s longtime stylist) revealed his version of the LBD, Latifah immediately requested a simple eye, glowing skin, and a striking lip instead of our favorite smoky eye/pale lip combination. So, when the Queen makes a request… I aim to please!

Face: Every look begins with great skin - beautiful coverage and a gorgeous glow! I always begin using truBLEND Fixstick concealer one shade lighter than her complexion. It’s perfect to highlight the under eye area, the bridge of the nose and chin (areas where the light naturally hits the face). After, I use a synthetic foundation brush to gently apply truBLEND Liquid Makeup to unify varied tones.

I used Queen Collection Lasting Matte Pressed Powder to set underneath the eyes and the center of the face, then applied my favorite bronzer, Queen Collection Natural Hue Bronzer, near the outer perimeter of the face for glowing results. I often use two shades of bronzer – one that matches her skin tone, which takes the place of blush, and a deeper shade – to contour and warm her complexion.

Eyes: A simple, clean eye doesn’t mean that I don’t use eye shadow; it means I used natural looking shades to enhance the shape of her almond eyes. Using a large brush, I swept the eye with Queen Collection Eyeshadow Pot in Dazzle (Q185) to add warmth, richness and a touch of shimmer to the eye area. Then, I applied Vivid Impact Eyeliner in Midnight (300) closest to the lashline, extending it at the outer corner to lift the eye. Lastly, I applied individual lashes and few coats of Bombshell Volume Mascara in Very Black (800) for volume and intensity.

Lips: Now, the fun part… a dramatic lip! I always begin with liner to shape the lip and insure a long – lasting finish throughout the night. I applied LipPerfection Lipliner in Beloved (225). Using a lip brush for added precision, I applied Queen Collection Lip Color in Burgendelicious (Q410) for an effortless, yet glamourous finish!"


Get the Look: Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars® 2013.


Jennifer Lawrence won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the 2013 Oscars®. Jennifer is such a beautiful young starlet who stole the show. Her look was beautiful. From her Dior dress with matching nails, beautiful makeup and updo, her look was my favorite of the night.



Jennifer's makeup was done by Celebrity Makeup Artist Jillian Dempsey. Jillian used Dior makeup on Jennifer, as Jennifer is the new face of Dior's Miss Dior campaign.

On her face, Jillian used Diorskin Forever Foundation, Diorskin Nude Tan Bronzer and Diorblush in Peachy Keen #553. On her eyes, she used Dior 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow in Bleu de Paris #254, Diorshow Mascara in Catwalk Black #090, and Dior Style Liner. On her lips were shaded with Dior Addict Lipstick in Beige Casual #222.


Dove Celebrity Stylist Mark Townsend did Jennifer's hair. He said "Jennifer Lawrence is a dream to work with, she is so unbelievably fun and inspiring." Here is the how-to in Mark's words.

How to:
I started by applying a few drops of Dove Nourishing Oil Care Anti-Frizz Serum to her damp hair and combed through. This serum is loaded with natural almond and coconut oils to give the hair extra moisture and shine.

Next, I added a large dollop of Dove Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse to her hair and blow dried with a large round brush.

To give the hair texture and shine I added a nickel size of Dove Frizz-Free Shine Cream-Serum in my hands and then raked through the hair. Then, I took random pieces from each side and loosely twisted them and pinned them together at the back of the head with eight bobby pins in crosses.

Then, I took the remaining hair and gathered it into a loose playful bun and finished as always with Dove Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray.


Jennifer Lawrence's manicurist, April Foreman, did Jennifer’s nails using COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Forever Frosted. The Best Actress winner chose the color because she wanted something understated and classic, that was opaque but dressier than a sheer nude.

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