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Say "Bye-Bye" to "Bacne" - Back Acne.

Most girls (and guys) my age are struggling with an ugly condition which I call "bacne", short for back acne. Unfortunately, it seems to be just another one of those facts of teenage life. While some people get big red bumps, I am lucky to only have smaller pimples that feel and look more like rough skin, rather than a  full blown pimple. Either way, it is embarrassing.

Not only is bacne embarrassing, it is more difficult to treat than facial, especially on this hard to reach back area.  I did find a solution though and I just had to share. Glytone has an easy solution to treat ongoing breakouts on the back and shoulders with their Back Acne Spray.

Glytone Back Spray is an effective 2% salicylic acid spray-on treatment for acne. It is formulated with proven blemish fighting salicylic acid.

"The spray works to encourage the sloughing of dead skin cells and the unclogging of pores, providing an effective treatment for mild acne, oily skin, textural changes and post-inflammatory hyper- pigmentation"

The spray is so easy to use. It comes in a pump bottle that allows for even upside down spraying ─ every time, every treatment! I use it every nght after my shower after I dry off. My back is looking much more clear just after a few weeks of using.

You can learn more about Glytone products at their website. My Mom received one of these Back Sprays in a gift bag, but she already re-ordered one for me at Dermstore.com. It costs $17.00 for the 2 oz. bottle and $34.00 for the 8 oz. bottle.

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    Say "Bye-Bye" to "Bacne" - Back Acne. - Teen Beauty - Beautiful Makeup Search: Beauty Blog, Makeup & Skin Care Reviews, Beauty Tips
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    Say "Bye-Bye" to "Bacne" - Back Acne. - Teen Beauty - Beautiful Makeup Search: Beauty Blog, Makeup & Skin Care Reviews, Beauty Tips
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    Say "Bye-Bye" to "Bacne" - Back Acne. - Teen Beauty - Beautiful Makeup Search: Beauty Blog, Makeup & Skin Care Reviews, Beauty Tips

Reader Comments (5)

I need to order this right away. I hate the breakouts I get on my shoulders. ):
La-Sum - Give this a try and let us know how it works for your shoulder acne. I know it is a bothersome problem.
thanks for this info. The spray bottle is a great idea for reaching your back.
Could I ask how big is the bottle and how it usually lasts for you?

This is the one and only thing that has ever worked for me. Even surprised the hell out of my Dermo. I am 28 and had tried everything. I had moderate to severe acne, only on my back and shoulders. Lots of smaller bumps and blackheads, and occasionally some so deep and toxic they bumped like knots.
Finally saw this and figured, what is one more try. It does work. I do have to continue to use it, but I am fine with that. Only downfall is it smells very chemically when first sprayed. After the initial spray, it is fine: no smell, doesn't stain clothes, great.
As an Estheticna I can tell you this spray may help keep back & chest acne at bay but it will not get rid of it. When I see this type of acne in my practice I know one thing immediately: hormonal imbalance. Go to your GYN and request blood work to get your hormone levels. Back & chest acne is a symptom of a greater health disorder when seen in women. Products will only suppress the symptoms, go to a GYN to get it fixed and gone for good.

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