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My 5 Favorite Nail Colors for Spring.

I change my nail polish just about as many times as I change my clothes. Not only am I fickle, there is an infinite amount of nail colors to choose from that I like to try them all. My favorite brand is probably OPI, and Sephora by OPI. They last a long time (when I let them), dry in a reasonable amount of time and are always current and on trend.


These are my five favorite nail colors for spring.

  1. Sparkle Me Silver, Sephora by OPI
    Sparkle Me Silver is an amazing finishing touch for all your OPI spring must haves. To use this brilliant top coat you can apply to bare nails for a sheer effect or use it to embellish your perfect nail color. I love this Nail polish because it adds shimmer and shine to all colors and gives your color that unique touch its been waiting for.
  2. Teal We Meet Again, Sephora by OPI
    Teal We Meet Again is a dramatic color that illuminates just as the sun shines down on the carbine sea. This blue-green color is a must have for summer for when the sun shines, it reveals a shimmer glow that is hard to resist. I love this gorgeous color especially for my toes and  it acts as the perfect accessory to every outfit.
  3. I Think In Pink, OPI
    I Think In Pink and I Think I Love This Pop of Pink is an innocent color that captures the sensational lighter shade of pink. This polish is perfect for spring and truly defines the universal color that is pink. My favorite color is pink and  this polish truly shows why I love it so much. Its a fun and flirty color that should be on everyone's list for spring.
  4. Breathe Life, OPI
    Breathe Life is a nail polish that was created exclusively to help the Lung Cancer Foundation of America. When you purchase this color you are helping to find a cure for lung cancer. This beautiful color truly represents the joy of giving and helping. “Lung cancer has stopped our breathing long enough. lets cure it.”
  5. Significant Other Color, OPI
    This is a beautiful shimmer pink lilac shade with glints of mint in it. Wow - it is an amazing nail color! It brightens your whole wardrobe and gives your look just what it needs to sparkle. The hint of green goes hand and hand with the lilac color and simply is a match made in heaven color combination. I would definitely use this color for the spring, summer, and any special occasion.  

Do we share any favorites?


Eyeshadow Not Lasting All Day? Try Urban Decay to Lead the Way!

Being a busy girl in school and sports along with trying to wear makeup is nothing short of a HUGE dilemma.  It is not so much the time that it takes for me to play and look my best when wearing makeup; it is trying to make it look like I still have my face on at lunch time.

I know I should have just asked my Mom, but I did a bit of research myself and found out that I need to bring primers into my life. So with that, I finally asked Mom what to try first. She pointed me to Urban Decay and the Primer Potions, of which there are 3. Of which, all are for me!

These primers are like genies in a bottle. Yes, the bottle represents that, I know, but it is so true. Once applied, eye shadow adheres to the potion which makes shadow stay in place on the eyelids all day long.To quote the brand on this thought, "The genie in these bottles fulfills three wishes: eye shadow that lasts, more vibrant and lasting color, and absolutely NO creasing."

I said that there were 3 Primer Potions, and they all work the same but just look a little bit different on the eye. The original one is pretty nude in color and virtually disappears on the eyelid after it dries. Then there are the two lightly shaded Primer Potions. There is Sin, which is more of a champagne color that has a bit or pearlessence to it. It is very pretty on it's own and it makes the perfect base for a color that needs a little softness added in. I like Sin especially with the new Urban Decay Stardust Eye shadow. The newest Primer Potion is Eden. Eden is a very soft muted brown color. This one probably evens out my skin tone on my eyelid the most as I have a bit of a tan and this just makes it look better to begin with. This version does not have as much of a sheen to it, it is just your basic shaded base.

If you want to try them, you can check them out in person at Sephora or buy them on the web at

I also spotted a great primer set that I am going to have my Mom get for me to try out more of the Urban Decay primers. The kit is called Box of Potions and beside the Primer Potion, it has smaller sizes of their Eyelash Primer, Lip Primer and Face Primer (Complexion Primer, as they call it).

Tell me if you have used any of these. Is the Box of Potions what you think I should get next to try in trying to get the rest of makeup to last all day?

Disclosure: Press samples of some of these products were sent to Beautiful Makeup Search for editorial consideration.


Teen Beauty with Caci.

Some of you that have been with me for a long time know I have a daughter. If you don't know, I have a 14 (almost 15!) year old daughter who is as in to makeup and taking care of herself probably more than I am.

As I am really letting her explore the world of makeup (she's been into skin care, doing her hair and nails FOREVER), we thought she should contribute here once in a while. So please welcome Caci (pronounced Casey) to Beautiful Makeup Search. Be sure to check back every Friday for her Teen Beauty column.

Welcome Caci!

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