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Light Up Your Face with Urban Decay's Urban Glow.

I will admit that I know nothing about highlighting and contouring when it comes to making up my face. What I do know is that I like to look as fresh as I can, especially in the wee hours of the morning when I am getting ready for school, and a highlighter is one way to get this fresh glow.

Urban Decay just came out with a Cream Highlight product called Urban Glow and I think it will make my highlighting process that much easier.


The notes I got from Urban Decay on this new product just about it sums it up in a nutshell:

"Urbanglow is enriched with a healthy dose of nourishing coconut oil, giving it just the right amount of slip to glide on easily and apply without the greasy Renee Zellweger shine. Each of the four ridiculously flattering shades are subtle enough to work on any skin tone. Look cool while you fake an inner glow: when it’s time for a touch-up, whip out your signature Lucite compact adorned with a flowery gold skull, emblazoned with the new ‘UD’ icon, and complete with a mirror. Packed with powders made from real crushed pearls, this cream highlight gives skin an ethereal glow..."

Urban Glow comes in four perky shades:

  • Moonshine- a pearlescent shimmer with iridescent pink shift
  • Sin- gold shimmer
  • Wicked- pink shimmer
  • Brown Sugar- bronze shimmer

Check out Urban Glow Cream Highlight over on UrbanDecay.com. It will be in stores on October 1st. Each color sells for $24.00.


Get Deep Down Clean with Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips.

Just as school is in, clean and clear skin is too.

Did you know that the average complexion has about 200,000 pores? Did you also know that pores can enlarge up to twice their normal size when clogged? It doesn't sound pretty, now does it.

With Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips you’re pore problems are on their way to being SOLVED!

These strips are clinically proven to instantly remove pore-clogging dirt, oil and blackheads. It’s the deepest—and safest—way to whisk away weeks of buildup in just ten minutes.

Stock up for about $7.50 a box at your favorite drugstore. You know you like to be "in".


FLIRT! Fall Fairytale Style Box.

If only life were more like a fairy tale and less like real life...

These last few weeks have been an adjustment. I started high school, and it's been tough. Going from a school with 800 students to one with over 2,500 is challenging to say the least. I am exposed to new people, new places, new routines, new languages (why am I taking Latin?) and, well, I could go on and on. But you get the point. I am also on the Volleyball team. I am pretty new to the sport, but I like it, though I am sore in places that I didn't even think there were muscles!

All in all, being in high school and on a sports team is taking up so much of my time, more so than what I would have thought. I have NO TIME to get pretty, so I am looking for time savers any which way I can. This new Style Box from FLIRT! is saving me time and helping me dream, if only for a few minutes, that I am living a fairytale life. Funny how it is called the Fall Fairytale Style Box for Eyes and Cheeks!

Can you believe just how pretty those colors are?

The style box has three limited edition whimsical eye shadows, one radiant cheek color, and application tips to help create the perfect look.  The eye shadow shades include Kiss at Dusk, a light mauve shimmer for all-over cover; Blue Belle, that is a beautiful light blue shimmer for highlighting, and finally Deep Minx, which is a deep mauve shimmer for the crease of the eyelid. The Peek-a-Blush is a perfect shade of cheek color called Heart Candy. It is the perfect shade of "flush" as I like to call it. Natural, like a little flush or pinch to the cheeks.

I love the colors, but I should say that while it is convenient to have all of these great colors boxed up, it is not that practical to tote around a box of this size. I am hoping FLIRT! continues to make these great style boxes, but maybe in a smaller plastic case, or in a compact that would be much more portable.

This FLIRT! Fall Fairytale Style Box is for sale at Kohl's stores and on their website too. It has a regular retail price of $25, but when I was back to school shopping, I spotted it on sale for $12.99. Such a great deal!!!

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