OLD NAVY Gift Receipt Scam.

This is not beauty related, but I had to share! I had to! It is too important not to.

I am mad - fuming mad!

Old Navy is scamming thousands of consumers, and I have first hand experience.

I went to make some returns today.
*To Macy's, with no receipt or gift receipt. I got a store cash card for the lowest amount that the item was in the last 30 days. Fine. I understand.
*Onto American Eagle, I see what I am returning on sale for $29.50, so I expect to get $29.50 back on a store gift card - but no, I had the gift receipt. So I got what the purchaser paid - the entire $44.50 back on a store gift card - GREAT! That is how it is supposed to go.
*Onto Old Navy. I needed to get a smaller size in a pair of pants for my son - but I had no receipt or gift receipt. Guess what? I was not allowed to do an even exchange for a smaller size. Not without a receipt. No way - new policy. WHAT? I had to keep them, in the wrong size. TOTALLY SUCKS!!!

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