Very Sexy!

Have you been to Victoria's Secret lately? Have you seen the incredible array of makeup they now have? Not just the other beauty stuff like the shower gels, bubble baths, perfumes, gift baskets, etc.  But the makeup? Wow, Victoria's Secret has an entire dedicated beauty department now. And their new premier line is called Very Sexy. Very Sexy Color - and as they say, "the sexiest color on earth".


I am quite impressed with the Very Sexy Color Collection. It is very MAC-like with it's rich, bold, full-of-pigment colors.

First, let me tell you about the packaging. The containers are housed in the most beautiful glossy black or hot pink boxes, with print in the opposite color (black boxes with hot pink print or hot pink boxes with black print). The compacts and containers themselves are glossy black with foil-like print in hot pink. They are very pretty - oh, yeah - I mean Very Sexy!

The collection is basically a full line of cosmetics.
LIPS - for hot kisses!
Perfect Lipstick ($12) - 24 shades from satin to shimmer
Sheer Moisture Lipstick ($12) - 6 sheer shades for a wash of color
Sparkling Lipstick ($12) - 6 sparkling shades for for a dazzling glittery effect
Mosaic Lip Palette ($18) - 3 palettes with 5 flattering coordinated shades in one pan
Lip Gloss ($12) - 20 perfectly patent shades from sheer to sparkling
Lip Lacquer ($12) - 15 slick shades in both sheer and full coverage formulas
Long-Wear Lip Shine ($18) - 8 long lasting shades that are totally kiss-proof
Sheer Lip Liner ($10) - 4 sheer shades for a transparent lipstick or clear gloss
Lip Liner ($10) - 8 lip-defining shades
Lip Plumper ($18) - for instant plump and smooth lips
Luxe Lip Balm SPF 15 ($12) - very emollient rich balm full of vitamins

MOSAICS - for mixing it up!
The Mosaic Collection mixes a collection of gorgeous complementary shades and finished for the ultimate sexy look.
Mosaic Bronzer ($18) - five sultry shades blended for the perfect bronzed babe look
Mosaic Luminous Bronzer ($18) - for the bronzed babe that wants to really shine
Mosaic Blush ($18) -five glow-inducing shade combinations to give cheeks a luminous flush
Mosaic Lip Palette ($18) - 3 palettes with 5 flattering coordinated shades in one pan
Mosaic Eye Shadow ($18) - eight seductive shade combinations to be worn alone, blended, or used together

EYES - for knowing glances!
Silky Eye Shadow ($12) - 14 smooth shades from subtle shimmer to sparkly sheen
Mosaic Eye Shadow ($18) - eight seductive shade combinations to be worn alone, blended, or used together
Long-Wear Eye Cream ($12) - five enduring shades that are crease and smudge proof
Dazzling Liquid Shadow ($12) - five dazzling shades for a sheer wash of color on the lids
Eye Liner ($10) - four eye opening shades for a precise line
Sparkling Eye Liner ($10) - three sparkling shades for a blend able sexy flash of sparkle
Liquid Liner Pen ($12) - two dramatic shades in a felt-tip marker
Gel Eye Liner Duo ($12) - three playful shade duos for a sexy-soft finish
Lush Lash Primer ($12) - synthetic fibers help create thick and full lashes before mascara application
Intensifying Mascara ($12) - lash building formula in two wearable shades
Brow Gel ($12) - clear grooming gel helps keep brows in their place

FACE - for flawless close-ups!
Flawless Cream Makeup SPF 30 ($19.50) - luxurious yet lightweight formula for a flawless, soft finish in 14 shades to suit every skin tone and complexion
Fluid Concealer ($12) - six skin-perfecting shades of a highly blend able formula that melts into skin
Finishing Powder Duo ($18) - seven shade duos with light diffusing technology to maximize the flawless look
Loose Shimmer Powder ($18) - three flirtatious shades to dazzle skin
Face Illuminator ($15) - three skin perfecting shades to achieve the ultimate afterglow
Mosaic Bronzer ($18) - five sultry shades blended for the perfect bronzed babe look
Mosaic Luminous Bronzer ($18) - for the bronzed babe that wants to really shine
Mosaic Blush ($18) -five glow-inducing shade combinations to give cheeks a luminous flush

NAILS, ETC. - for perfect finishes!
Nail Lacquer ($9) - eight high-shine, chip-resistant, long lasting colors
Convertible Lip Brush ($9)
Contoured Eye Brush ($12)
Eye Liner Brush ($12)
Bronzer Brush ($18)
Blush Brush ($16)
Sharpener ($2.50)
Makeup Case ($10)
Total Makeup Remover ($10)

I highly recommend viewing the collection in person to get a real feel of the colors and formulas. And with the reasonable price points, I am sure you will walk out with a bevy of gorgeous new products.

Summer's Best!

Lest we not forget that it is still Summer. With all of the info I have been reading about what is hot for the Fall, I remind myself - it's August and it's 90 something degrees. And I am tan (mostly from my love of self-tanning) and want to stay that way!

So, here are my favorite products I have been using this Summer.
xentan_face.jpgTo keep my face feeling moisturized and looking tan while at the pool or beach, I have been using XEN-TAN Face ($22). It is a facial self-tanner with a daily dose of treatment. The Face lotion contains Vitamin E for awesome antioxidant benefits while the blend of gentle fruit acids smooth my delicate facial skin. And the instant olive based color looks perfect when applied - and it helps make sure that I didn't miss any spots as well.

cake_bodybuffer.jpgTo keep my Summer body smooth and moisturized, I recently discovered Cake Beauty's Desserted Island Creamy Body Buffer ($24). This wonderful smelling (like vanilla frosting with a hint of coconut cream - yum!) cream is mixed with some of the world's finest ingredients: Apricot Seeds, Jojoba Beads, and Shea Butter. The Apricot Beads are finely ground and are used an a natural exfoliant, while the pink Jojoba Infused Beads use Jojoba Oil to gently moisturize and exfoliate, and the rich Shea Butter is added for it's regenerative emollient and protectant properties. While the directions say to use it 2 - 3 times a week, I am addicted, and use it in my shower daily.

benefit_jiffytan.jpgWhile on the subject of my body, I hate to admit it, but I do miss a spot in my self-tanning ritual now and then. To remedy this, I turn to Benefit's Jiffy Tan ($24). Jiffy Tan is NOT a self-tanner, it is a tinted body lotion - think of it as a body bronzer, that instantly evens out self-tanning mishaps, or leaves pale white skin tan in  - you guessed it - a jiffy! I use this on my legs daily. It evens everything out and give them the darker color I crave. And it lasts, only coming off with a few minutes of scrubbing gently with soap (for this I suggest their Wonder Mitt). And be sure to wash you hands well after using too.

As far as makeup goes, I use different products for day and evening. 

tarte_rr.jpgDuring the day, I keep a minimalist approach in the high heat. Tarte's Rock Royalty Palette  ($30) does my entire face. The palette includes a mineral powder bronzer, which I apply first, over my forehead, chin, cheeks and nose, then a bit swept across my eyelids. Then I apply the powder blush on the apples of my cheeks and blend over my eyelids too. benefit_colorplump.jpgThen I take the gold high lighter and apply that on my brow bone. Whoola! Now a quick lip is easy with Benefit's Color Plump ($20) in Yoo Hoo, a perfect natural honey color. And the extra little plumping you get from this pencil (yes, plump from a pencil) is a great bonus - it makes my lips look a bit fuller and healthy! And eyes are simply complete with a quick mascara application. I am really liking Bobbi Brown's No Smudge Mascara ($20) in black for a natural look - with the benefit of it not running or smearing from the heat and humidity.

In the evening, when I am apt to wear more makeup, I have been using a few products faithfully, while mixing in color now and then. xentan_bronze.jpgAs I use no foundation in the Summer, I start out using XEN-TAN's Perfect Bronze  ($28) powder bronzer to enhance my natural (self) tan. It is silky smooth (never cakey or dry looking) and is best applied naturally where the sun would tan you more: swept over the forehead, then down over the nose and chin, then swept from side to side over the very tops or the cheeks and mac_sfix.jpgacross the nose again.  I simply top this off with a light dusting of MAC's Studio Fix ($24) in NC40, my perfect Summer tan shade, to set it while it helps even things out just a bit more. On my eyes I vary the colors by outfit or event, and I have been bj_eye.jpgusing a lot of Bourjois, especially their new Intensely Luminous Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow ($13.50). They have long wearability, and the light reflecting pigments really catch the light at night. Parme Electro, a beautiful violet and Rose Disjoncte, a real pure pink are my favorites. Eyeliner is a must for me at night, and I have been picking shades from my Smashbox Cream Eyeliner Palette ($32). They are full of pigment, and the cream formula makes application a cinch and they last all duwop_lash.jpgthrough the night.  To top off my eye look, I am loving DuWop's Lash Lacquer ($18) in Carbon Black. It is a two step product, making it easy to first add long and thick lashes before using the second coat to top the lashes with an orange oil that adds gloss and makes the lashes waterproof. For the lips, I am a gloss queen in the summer. ysl.jpgLipstick need not apply!!! My favorites are MAC's Tinted Lipglass and Ligelee ($14) in various shades, Estee Lauder's High Gloss ($16) in Honey, Flamingo, and Bronze, and my newest favorite YSL's Golden Gloss ($25.50) in Simply Gold and Golden Pink. YSL is a bit expensive for a gloss, but these glosses actually contain real 24K gold in them - and they are about the most beautiful glosses with any hint of gold I have ever used.

Please do not forget that Summer is still here, and keep using your Summer's Best!