Please VOTE for your favorite GLAM Beauty Blog.

Just a few qweeks ago I announced that I was nominated for a Glam Network Award in the beauty category. I know, a bit of more self-promotion here.

But you know what? I love writing Beautiful Makeup Search and I think my readers are the best. Without your support, I don't think I would have stuck it out here since 2001. Can you believe that Beautiful Makeup Search has been online since 2001?

Anyway, once again, I am asking you really quickly to vote for your favorite Beauty Blog for this years awards. If you love reading Beautiful Makeup Search as much as I love writing it for you, I would love your vote.

The Glam Network Awards.

Voting is now open in the annual Glam Network Awards. If you haven't noticed, Beautiful Makeup Search is a proud member of the Glam network, more specifically Glam Beauty. Glam has been a great supporter of mine since I became a member in 2006 and I do what I can to support them.

One of the best things Glam does, is to gather all the best blogs across the web to make up a big part of their network. Every year around this time of year, they hold their very own Network Awards.

This year, the Network Awards are simply broken down into each category. All you have to do is vote for your favorite publisher in each category. The categories are Beauty, Celebrity/Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Shopping, Living and Family. Head on over to the Network Awards page and vote now - voting ends soon.

If you love reading Beautiful Makeup Search as much as I love writing it for you, I would love your vote for Beautiful Makeup Search in the beauty category. Now, I am blushing!

REMINDER: Vote in the 2008 Glam Beauty Awards.

Just a friendly reminder to tell you that voting for the 2008 Glam Beauty Awards is going on now. You definitely want to check out the products that were narrowed down (some of which I picked!!!) to be voted on.

I do love seeing if I am in agreement with the general public though, so I can't wait to hear who the winners are! Well, really - they are all pretty much winners, right?