L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Serum.

The new L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Serum is a new launch from the brand. It features a breakthrough formula to stimulate collagen to give an overall younger looking complexion. Who doesn't want that, right?

The breakthrough formula in this serum comes from active ingredients of 1001 immortelle flowers. You see, Immortelle is a flower with exceptional longevity - it never fades, even after being picked. As a result of some heavy duty L’Occitane scientific research, this new Precious Serum concentrates this anti-aging power of 1001 of these super powerful flowers. The formula acts on the 3 main important stages of collagen: production, protection and repairing. Skin is left soft and looking younger , as in not fading, over time.

The serum has a lightly tectured feel to it as it glides across and sinks into skin. As it is a fairly light feeling serum, I really like it for daytime use.

L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Serum sells for $70.00 and is available at usa.loccitane.com and in over 170 boutiques throughout the United States.

10 Skin Savior Serums.

This east coast weather is crazy!  We go from 55 degrees one day to 15 degrees the next. Changing up moisturizers to balance the changes in my skin is just not do-able. I like to keep my moisturizer use consistent. An easy way to balance my skin during these weather changes is by using different serums.  I already use a different serum for day versus night, so this idea of using a serum as a skin savior is really a no-brainer.

I have ten serums in my arsenal of skin saviors that are helping me through the changes in weather and my skincare needs.

1. SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF Gel - $152.00
This serum-in-a-gel antioxidant accelerates cell turnover and stimulates collagen synthesis to boost skin’s structure for a firmer, brighter complexion. Used daily, this preventive and corrective treatment provides broad-range photoprotection and conquers damage at every level of skin. I love the gel texture and the protection it gives me during the day. It's all about further prevention too.

2. AHAVA Extreme Night Treatment - $72.00
This remarkably nourishing and hydrating nighttime serum is made up of resilient natural ingredients from the Dead Sea and the Himalaya regions – two extreme altitudes, high and low. They work together to treat mature skin concerns, reinforce the skin’s immune system and strengthen its natural protective mechanisms. The treatment is deeply absorbed by my skin, making my complexion much smoother, even toned with renewed radiance, firmness and flexibility in the morning.

3. Meaningful Beauty® Crème de Serum - part of the Meaningful Beauty 30-day system for $39.95
This new restorative treatment combines the power of a serum with the rich, moisturizing effects of a crème – working together to combat the signs of aging. The active ingredients found in this serum are suspended separately until the moment they are released: the orange swirl provides protection with a superoxide dismutase (SOD) from rare French melon, the white swirl contains anti-aging peptides to minimize the appearance of fine lines & the clear gel features Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and plump the skin. My skin looks and feel so much better when using this. My finer lines seem to just disappear.

4. June Jacobs Age Defying Copper Serum - $155.00
Paraben and preservative free, this new serum packs a double punch with both moisturizing and age defying benefits in a multi-mineral complex. Copper, zinc, and magnesium help to increase skin elasticity, tighten sagging skin and improve skin texture and tone. Peelmoist helps stimulate cell turnover, while hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed soy bind moisture to the skin to protect it against the elements in harsh climates. Powerful antioxidants that are included also make this a great added layer of protection.

5. Darphin Hydraskin Serum - $75.00
Instantly penetrating, this aqua-like fresh elixir intensely hydrates the skin to soften, resulting in a comfortable, supple and glowing complexion. A hydrating powerhouse, the formula features lush botanicals and anti-oxidants like pomegranate proteins that maximize water replenishment and enhance skin’s natural ability to retain moisture. When it is super dry, this is the choice.

6. L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Advanced Skin Repair Serum - $19.99
Designed for women with more mature skin, L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Advanced Skin Repair Serum works to restore dull, parched skin and reverse the signs of aging. This lightweight formula, perfect for day and night use, is developed with a breakthrough Nutri-Repair Complex enriched with Bio-Peptides and Ceramide Fortifiers to repair signs of past damage. It is light-weight but hydrating enough to use during super dry weather.

7. Sadick Dermatology PM Reversal Serum - $48.00
This hydrating serum stimulates natural collagen production while normalizing skin tone and texture. With this increase in moisture, skin is firmed and plumped while fine lines are reduced and deep wrinkles are filled.

8. Peter Thomas Roth De-Spot™ - $85.00
Spots will run at the threat of this double-duty skin brightening and moisturizing serum. De-Spot’s high-tech ingredients work together to hydrate skin plus brighten overall skintone by 85% in just 12 weeks, with visible results in as little as 2 weeks. The powerful Niacinamide PC helps to moisturize and sooth sensitive skin while promoting softness, suppleness and hydration for the skin’s barrier. I also use this on the tops of my hands and the spots are fading.

9. BY TERRY Serum de Rose - $115.00
An ultra-comfort gel-cream serum hydrates the skin with an ultra-soft and silky finish. This ultra-tensing gel with an immediate lifting effect fights skin slackening and loss of radiance all day long. The hydrating formula, enriched with anti-aging active ingredients, protects skin against external aggressions and premature skin aging.

10. Erno Laszlo TranspHuse Topical Deluxe - $195.00
This state-of-the-art formula, with skin-firming and line-plumping dermaxyl and marine filling spheres, also contains gatuline expression which minimizes the micro-contractions in the skin for a smoother, noticeably younger appearance. Botox in a jar? Well, not really, but temporarily - yes.  It is also a great hydrator that balances my need for extra moisture during the colder, drier days.

Your Best Skin: A Citrus Cocktail.

A Citrus Cocktail that improves skin tone? Yes, please!

By combining concentrated extracts of orange, lemon, lime and pomegranate, this powerful, yet gentle, exfoliation treatment is applied daily as a serum. Yes. As a serum.

Beverly Hills Skincare Decade Peel Exfoliating Serum is a gentle slow peel, if you will, that exfoliates over time, as you apply it every day.

This serum utilizes naturally occurring AHAs in fruits like oranges and lemon to increase the rate of cell renewal, while the natural exfoliation power of Wild Lime helps lifts dull, dry skin. The Pomegranate, a key component in the bright skin complex, is potent antioxidant that soothes and calms skin inflammation and irritation.

After using this serum every day for the past two weeks, I can see an improvement already. My skin feels more smooth than normal, just after applying, as if I just did a more intensive treatment. I also notice a bit more lightening of my dark spots that I am constantly working on. I am sure these fruit acids are boosting my natural exfoliation as process, as it should and is aiding in their lightening.

Decade Peel Exfoliating Serum can be purchased online through the Beverly Hills Skincare site for $119.95.