Make It Lash: Cargo LashActivator Primer™.


I want my lashes longer and thicker. Naturally. Meaning, I'd like them to look better before applying mascara. This is where lash conditioners and enhancers come in. Yes, I've used them before, but not as regularly or continually as I should. You see, the thing about eyelash conditioners is that I forget to put i on at night. That's what makes Cargo LashActivator Primer™ good from the get go; you apply this before you apply your mascara in the morning. Just like a foundation or shadow primer. Could it be any easier to remember?

Cargo LashActivator Primer

What makes it even better is that LashActivator™ actually improves the condition of the lashes. In clinical trials, it was shown "to offer the optimal environment for healthy lash growth and reduced lash loss."

Cargo LashActivator Primer

It is simple to use. I apply it like a mascara, being careful to start at the base, or root, of my lashes and then brush it up through the tip. It is colored black so you know where you have applied it. Think of it as a base coat. I have been using it on both my upper and lower lashes. It takes a few minutes to dry, so keep that in mind. After only using this for a few days, I am not noticing my usual stray shredded lashes on my makeup removing pad - so that's a good thing. It's working already.

Cargo LashActivator Primer™ sells for $35.00 at Cargo Cosmetics and ULTA.

Holiday 2012: Holiday Party Beauty Essentials.

Going from house to house and party to party can be hectic. You need the right products to get you from Party A to Party B in a flash, and looking good all the less. I have a few holiday party essentials from CARGO Cosmetics that have me looking pretty all day and into the night.

OneBase Concealer + Foundation in One - $27
A perfect complexion is a must when mingling with friends, co-workers and family. Fake beautiful skin with this concealer and foundation in one. Spot conceal and blend for a natural look and touch up on the go.

Lip Gloss in Tokyo Gloss - $14
A glossy red lip is always a highlight of a party face. This gloss smooths over lips and lasts, while adding a beautiful red glossy shine to your pout.

ColorStick in Key West  - $28
Look fresh and fabulous with a healthy glow. Key West ColorStick glides over cheeks and makes you look more than gorgeous. Your look will be envied.

TexasLash™ Mascara - $21
Big, black, bold lashes will frame and open your eyes for the look you demand. TexasLash™ applies easily with just one coat as lashes last all night long - looking their best.

Make sure you have a few of these trusted beauties tucked into your bag to touch up in a car or powder room on the go. All of these products can be purchased online at and CARGO at major retailers including Sephora inside JCPenny, Ulta, QVC and Macy's Impulse Beauty.

CARGO Cosmetic Tins.

I have been recently re-acquainted with the amazing CARGO Cosmetic Tins. These are no ordinary tins. These are iconic, signature tins that are super durable, stackable and filled with makeup the pros love. My favorites are the bronzers, of course, and the lip quads.

For the bronzers, I have HydraBronze and BeachBlush.

HydraBronze ($30) is a wonderful bronzer that actually boosts the moisture level in the skin as yuwear it. It looks super powdery, but in fact it is super soft and applies smoothe as silk. It lays beautiful on the skin as it glides over fine lines and wrinkles. The light reflecting particles brighten the skin as it highlights it, but very naturally.

BeachBlush ($30) is a palette with four stripes of alternating blush and bronzer, making it the ultimate marriage of both. Cheeks look perfectly flushed and glowing, with the super fine shimmer that looks gorgeous as it brushes over skin.

Sunset Beach is a pink/bronze palette.

Coral Beach is a warm peach /bronze palette.

The Lip Gloss Quads ($24.00) contain four beautifully color coordinated triangles of gloss.   The glosses are very rich and creamy, and full of pigment. They are nice and glossy, but rely on more color than shine. It's like wearing a high shine lipstick, because it really wears so well.  Wear them separately, mix them, or layer them for a customized look.

Argentina is filled with nude and berry shades.

Oceana is filled with pink shades.

 Shop for CARGO Tins online at, in ULTA or