Top 10 Nail Polishes for Spring & Summer.

If you are like me, you change your nail color almost as much as you change your (not your underwear because you better be changing that everyday) lipstick. I change my lipstick color every few days and I also change my nail color every few days as well. I keep a steady stream of lipstick and nail colors in rotation throughout each season. Each season is different; fall, winter and then spring and summer. The exception is probably spring and summer as they sort of run together as I cannot wait for the summer season to begin. This is when I start wearing the pastels and brighter colors along with my favorite teal, almost interchangeably. And that's what my favorites are because I really am all over the place with Spring and Summer nail polish colors and this year is no different. Picking my top 10 favorite nail polish colors for spring and summer was not easy either, but here are my favorites.

the best nail colors for spring + summer

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Holiday 2013: CHANEL Nuit Magique.

CHANEL is launching two limited edition nail colours, exclusively online today. Just in time for a little Cyber Monday shopping pleasure, this is Nuit Magique.

Holiday 2013: CHANEL Nuit Magique

Nuit Magique contains two Le Vernis Nail Colours, Cosmic and Magic. Cosmic is a dense sparkling black with a lot of blue and silver pearl. Magic is creamy dark sky blue. Cosmic is my definite favorite of the two and will be my nails a lot this holiday season.

CHANEL Nuit Magique

CHANEL Nuit Magique

CHANEL Le Vernis Nail Colour in Cosmic and Magic retail for $27.00 each and are for sale exclusively on

A Different Nail Enamel from Clinique.

Did you know that you can be sensitive to nail polish? I am not talking the paint or fumes, I am talking a very serious skin sensitivity to nail polish, and it is not around or even near the nails. The most common place to be sensitive to nail polish is the eyes. I never even realized this until I read that nail enamel can cause irritation and even contact dermatitis on the the skin around the eyes. If your upper or lower eye lids ever get red or swollen, it is probably due to your nail polish. Yes! I was just as shocked. Knowing that on average we touch our eyes about 200 times a day, it makes total sense.

As an allergy tested and 100% fragrance free cosmetic brand, Clinique scientists challenged themselves to develop a nail enamel formulated to minimize unwanted reactions to the nails, and skin and eyes. It took over six years to develop, bit they created on and it is a first in the nail polish industry. Meet Clinique A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skins.

The formula is not only proven to be safe on women with both sensitive skin and

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