Sponsored: Power Through the Day.

As I go through my day, there is always one thing by my side. My handbag. I think of it as my other “BFF” as it contains just about everything I need to power through my day. Seriously, I cannot get through the day without it. If only it would listen to me... ha!

In my handbag, I have an arsenal of goodies to help me power through. Let’s take a look.

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Best Bronzer: Revlon Silky Powder Bronzer.

Bronzer is a year-round skin warming essential. 

Revlon’s Silky Powder Bronzer is a lightweight, silky powder with a good-for-your-skin Botanical Complex of Green Tea, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, and Grape seed Extracts adds warm bronze highlights to your skin for a natural, sun kissed look. Infused with luminous golden shimmer, brush lightly on cheeks, nose & forehead for a flattering, healthy look.  


It works well with neutral and deep blush colors. There’s a pop-up mirror included for easy application anywhere, anytime. 

This one is available in 2 shades, Natural Bronze and Sunkissed Bronze. Each one sells for $6.00 at your favorite drugstore. Check out Revlon.com for more product information.