Heading Back to College with Schick.

I can't believe it, but my daughter Caci is headed back for another year at college next week. Time flies! It seems like yesterday when we were packing her up for her first year away at school. We've learned a lot over the last year in what she needs to bring with her this year. Plus this year is a bit different; Caci will be living in an apartment with her roommates instead of a dorm (envision very nervous Mom here). We have the major items covered, but toiletries and beauty items? Not so much. I have my idea of what Caci should bring and Caci has her idea of what she should bring. We've made a list and narrowed things down and there are a few definite items that we agree are must haves. One such item is a good disposable razor. This year, Caci is heading back to college with Schick®.

What to pack for college

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Ready, Shave, Shine with Schick & Skintimate.

With the warmer weather finally here, it's time to start showing off your legs more and more. It's also time to start prepping them to look their very best. Schick & Skintimate have teamed up with Universal Pictures’ Pitch Perfect 2 and actress Brittany Snow to empower us ladies to stand confidently and rock our legs this summer. Rocking your legs is as easy as a three step routine: ready, shave, shine.

Ready, Shave, Shine with Schick & Skintimate

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Tips for a Flawless Shave with Venus Swirl.

I'm obsessed with having soft, smooth silky skin. There is only one way to get it in my opinion and that is by shaving with a Gillette razor. I usually use a Venus Embrace razor on my underarms and a Venus & Olay Razor on my legs. Well, I think I am throwing both of those away because they just introduced a new razor and if you can believe it, this new one is blowing that one out of the water. Introducing the new Gillette Venus Swirl.

Gillette Venus Swirl

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