OXY 28 Day Challenge: Head Back to School with Clear Skin.

OXY 28 Day Challenge: Head Back to School with Clear Skin.

With just about a month left until the first-day-of-school bell rings and summer break is over, teens are already planning what they will be wearing that first day back. One thing they may be noticing when looking in the mirror is their skin and how they are still dealing with breakouts or just starting to deal with some. Acne is an issue affecting millions of teens and twenty-somethings heading back to school this fall. Let’s face it, they have enough stress and have better things to worry about than their skin. My boys struggle with occasional breakouts too. That's why I suggested they take the OXY 28 Day Challenge now to ensure that their skin is clear on the first day of school.

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Get Picture Perfect Skin with OXY.


With two boys nearing the end of their high school year, it is all talk of prom these days. In fact, my youngest son Joey just asked a girl to prom with a "promposal" over the weekend and Johnny is prepping his now. One thing both of my boys worry about on an almost daily basis that I do not want them to worry about as we get closer to prom is their skin. That's why I suggested they take the OXY 28 Day Challenge to ensure that their skin is clear and picture perfect in time for prom.

Download the OXY 28 Day Challenge app and answer a few questions to receive a customized acne treatment plan. Once the plan is received, simply pick up the recommended OXY products from a local mass retailer or drugstore and use them to treat the acne over the next 28 days and watch as visibly clearer skin is revealed.

Now, you may be thinking, why 28 days and not some super fast treatment? Well, if you have tried one of those get-rid-of-acne-fast treatments, you probably know that they usually don't live up to their promises in the long-run. As a trusted skin care brand for over 40 years, OXY is taking a more realistic and effective acne treatment with their 28-Day Challenge. Dermatologists say that acne medication can take from 4 to 8 weeks to receive the best results. Backed by the same acne treatment principles endorsed by American Academy of Dermatology, the 28-Day Challenge provides a simple approach to educate users and clear acne. By providing the right product recommendations using a dermatologist approved acne care regimen, skin is sure to be clear by prom. So sure that the challenge is money back guaranteed!

OXY has an acne care regimen for each acne level, so depending on your skin type or acne severity, it will be recommended that you use a combination of three products. You will be given a selection of either the OXY Rapid Treatment Face Wash or OXY Rapid Treatment Sensitive Face Wash; OXY Rapid Treatment 3-in-1 Pads or OXY Skin Clearing Pads; and then you will also use the OXY Rapid Spot Treatment on problem pimples. All of the products are powered by OXY acne medication that has clinically proven acne-fighting ingredients and a proven 28 day product regimen to clear-up your skin.

The OXY 28 Day Challenge app is an easy to use smartphone app that can be downloaded from Apple iTunes or Google Play depending on your operating system. The app is chock full of great information and will give you a personalized dermatologist approved acne care regimen, daily tips to help maximize results and even daily alerts to keep you on track. You can even keep track of your progress with before and after pictures. Download the OXY 28 Day Challenge app and learn more on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Oxy . The opinions and text are all mine.


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Acne 101 + Top 10 Acne Products.

Suffering from acne is not fun. It is the most common skin condition in the United States. Unfortunately, it's not just teens that suffer from acne, more and more women are suffering from acne these days.

So, what exactly is acne? Acne comes about when a pore is clogged in our skin. This clog begins deep within dead skin cells. You see, dead skin cells are supposed to rise to the surface of the pore and then the body will shed those cells (natural exfoliation). But when the body starts making a lot of extra sebum (oil), it keeps our skin from drying out. That means the dead skin cells stick together inside the pore instead of sloughing off. They become trapped inside the pore and a pimple is born. Alternatively, if a lot of bacteria is on the skin and gets trapped inside these clogged pores, they can multiple. That is when you see larger outbreaks and cystic acne.

If you suffer from multiple outbreaks and large cystic acne, I recommend talking to your doctor or seeing a dermatologist. There are a variety of prescription medications and topicals that can help to treat acne. If you get mild breakouts or a few pimples here and there, there are great over-the-counter acne products that will help to get rid of your acne. Click to see the top 10 acne products and find out which would be best for you.