What - A Frozen Lotion?

I love Too Faced Cosmetics, and have only used their makeup products, so when I recently viewed their super cool website, and discovered their latest beauty product, I was very intrigued.

too_faced.jpgIt is called Frozen Lotion, and here is the description from the Too Faced Cosmetics site.

Experience the icy sizzle of this amazing body moisturizing mousse: A rush of cooling, crackling crystals coat skin with a golden glow while skin soothing ingredients like Aloe, Hibiscus Flower and Ginseng pamper dry, sun scorched skin with a surge of frozen intense hydration!

I have had similar very cooling foot lotions applied in a pedicure, but not on my entire body. Maybe it is a nice treat to cool down after a sunburn?

Has anyone tried this, and what do you think? I am very curious about it, and the possibility of it being a new cutting edge formulation for the beauty industry.