A Double Feature Your Must Check Out!

Looking at this little beauty, I wasn't quite sure what to do with this multi use product. I was quick to find out though, when schlepping around New York City yesterday, that  LORAC's Double Feature is the perfect portable concealing and highlighting tool.

Look at the three - yes, three - components in this one stick.

First, there is the concealing stick. The stick is totally creamy, full coverage, and easy to blend. No need to use your fingers though, especially when you are on the run.

Now, notice the little roller ball, which is the perfect little blending ball. This ball smooths the concealer out perfectly. Who would have thought? It totally puzzled me when I first opened it. I rolled it on my skin waiting for something to come out. Once I realized there was no powder or liquid in there and read the directions, all was clear.

On the other side of the concealing stick is a highlighter. This is a a bit pearly that will lighten and brighten. Not only can you use this under your eyes, but you can simply dab a bit on the top of your cheeks or right under your brow. It is a quick little perk-up.

Double Feature ($24) is one you definitely want to check out.  It is available in three shades to make matching easy too. $24 is a steal for this.