Pick of the Day!

Happy 2009! A new year, a new feature.

As there are so many products that I come across that I do not have the chance to try or review, I decided on a new feature. You see, there are so many products I see that deserve a shout out, so I decided to pick a new beauty product or beauty related item each day (Monday - Friday) to highlight. I am calling this new feature the Pick of the Day. I felt like calling it my Product Pick of the Day, but as I explained, some of the picks might actually be a beauty tool or related product. Now, the regular posts will stay. This new feature will run in addition to the regular posts.

You will find each Pick of the Day listed in with the regular posts, but if you think you missed a few, you can just go write to the category list and select Pick of the Day to see all of my picks thus far. I welcome you all to submit a pick for me too. Some I may use, some I may not - but I am always open to and looking for suggestions. To contact me with a Pick of the Day submission, please do it through my contact form and use Pick of the Day submission in the subject field.