Estée Lauder Says to Love Your Lips.

Estée Lauder brings us a new limited edition collection called Love Your Lips. In perfect time with the season, cold winter months when lips crave moisture and Valentine's Day when they crave kisses, these new products will have them both.

The collection consists of a lipstick and lipgloss that will leave lips soft, sumptuous and gorgeous in it's array of limited new shades.

Hydra Lustre Lipstick Love* will help to lock in moisture while embracing lips in color, that wears for hours. The lipstick itself leaves a beautiful rich and creamy look, but feels very light on the lips. I love how the word LOVE is engraved into the lipstick itself, adorned with a heart shape as the letter "O". There are 12 new shades in the line up, all of which are limited.

  • Radiant Wine
  • Rich Berry
  • Spanish Red
  • Lustrous Pink
  • Radiant Rose
  • Cherry Kiss
  • Perfect Pink
  • Chelsea Rose
  • Pink Kiss
  • Lush Rose
  • Portofino Coral
  • Coral Kiss

Kissable Lipgloss* tops the lipstick with a gorgeous glossy finish, a touch of shimmer for a high gloss shine. Or opt to wear it alone for a sheer and sexy, glossy look. This new lipgloss is available in 4 limited edition shades.

  • Coral Kiss
  • Cherry Kiss
  • Pink Kiss
  • Sweet Kiss

The lipstick retails for $19.50 while the lipgloss is $18.00. Both of these beauties are available now on counter and at

*Press sample submitted for review by brand representative.