How to Get Smooth & Sexy Skin for Summer.

When you think of smooth and sexy skin, what do you think of? I doubt you think of hair. To have truly smooth skin, I need my face, underarms, bikini area and legs to be totally hair free. It is a must.

How to get smooth and sexy skin for summer

As I am constantly testing new product, I haves hits and misses in the hair removal department, but I have found a few that are achieving my goal. I am hair free (where I want to be) and my skin is smooth and sexy. The best thing? It is easy with these beauties that work an work well.

Bliss Fuzz Off - $24.00
This facial hair remover in a tube is making removing my upper hair lip super easy to remove. I swipe on the cream with the tip (which is dual sides) and in three minutes my hair is gone. It is chock full of moisturizers so my skin is left super soft and smooth too. The fresh scent is enjoyable.

Bliss Fuzz Off 

Venus Embrace Razor in Passionista Purple - $5.99
My favorite Venus Embrace razor comes in this newer Passionista Purple design. It features five blade technology and ribbons of moisture to make sure my underarms are left super soft and smooth, with a pretty purple handle.

Venus Embrace Passionista Purple

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Total Care Body Trio - $14.99
Inspired by Brazilian spa services, this 3-step in-shower depilatory system including everything I need to remove hair and have smooth skin. The kit contains Nair Shower Power that works while I'm in the shower to remove hair from my legs and bikini area, along with a pre and post treatment to make sure hair is removed easily and skin is soft after.

Nair Spa Clay Shower Total Care Body Trio