It Starts With Hope.

bca_logo.jpgOctober is here.  And in case you did not know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Since my feature highlighting Breast Cancer Awareness products last year, I have lost a loved one to breast cancer and currently have three friends fighting the battle of their life with it. I myself, had two benign breast lumps removed.

It starts with hope. Hoping that you will not be one of the millions to get Breast Cancer. Hoping that your mother, daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother, niece, friend, neighbor - any one you know, does not get Breast Cancer. Hoping that what feels like it may be a lump, is nothing. Hoping that your mammogram is negative. Hoping that you do not carry the Breast Cancer gene. Hoping we eradicate Breast Cancer from this Earth forever.

There is more hope. Hope for a cure. Hope for those dealing with this dreadful disease. We are close they say. Close to finding a cure for this heartbreaking disease. The experts report that a girl born this year will not have to worry about Breast Cancer in her adult life. They will have a vaccine for it - or better yet, a cure for those that will still be stricken.

Please let us come together in the beauty of life, and support each other strong.

Throughout this entire month, Beautiful Makeup Search will highlight a new product each and every day in which the proceeds of it's purchase, whether all or in part, will go to somehow support Breast Cancer.  If we are going to spend money on making ourselves beautiful, purchase one of the products we feature to make you feel even better for it. You will be contributing to help support Breast Cancer Awareness, by possibly helping a woman living with Breast Cancer or to help find a cure for this epidemic.

Let's hope together, and overcome this once and for all.

Hope. It starts with hope.