In Need of a Quick Fix.

If you are like me and notice your skin (particularly my face) getting drier or tighter as the day goes on, you probably wonder what you can do for a quick pick me. Now I am talking a full face of makeup on - not something you really can mess with moisture wise.

mac_fix.jpgWhen I was at the MAC store this past weekend, I presented this very question to my artist. He suggested FIX+ for a "quick fix".  FIX+ is a very lightweight moisture mist in a spray bottle.

It is very simple to use - with or without makeup. All you do is hold the bottle about 12 inches from you face, and spray a few mists over it. Voila! Instant refreshment - and my skin feels so much better for it. It dries nice and quick too.

I have used it in the mid-afternoon the last few days, and it not only made my skin feel fresher, it made my face look much fresher as well.

FIX+ is just $15 and deserves a spot in your handbag.