Lip Happy!

Sara Happ is making a name for herself with a very innovative product to make my lips happy. Really happy!

The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ is her creation. And I wonder where a creation like this has been. You see, Sara wondered that too, and she came up with the idea and created it in her own kitchen with sugar as the base. After using her creation every day and searching for similar products, she know she was onto something. This was unique. Low and behold The Lip Scrub was born.

lip_scrub.jpgThe Lip Scrub comes in six decadent flavors: Almond Creme, Peppermint, Vanilla Bean, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon Sugar, and Cocoa. There is definitely one to please even the pickiest of tastes.

I am using, Peppermint, and my lips couldn't be happier. I swear my lips look a little more full. Less lines, no flakes, no dryness - none, whatsoever too.

The Lip Scrub can be used everyday like I have been trying. I just take a small amount onto my finger and scrub over and around my lips. I scrub them for a few minutes, and then tissue it off, rinse with water, and tissue again. It does sting a bit at first, but that can be adjusted according to pressure. I then top it off with a lip balm to seal in the softness.

That brings me to my next point. Where is the lip balm, Sara? I could see this selling as a set with The Lip Scrub and a great Super Balm, possibly.  Just a little hint!

The Lip Scrub is available at fine boutiques around the country and of course, at The Lip Scrub online. For only $20 your lips will be happy too!