Bobbi Brown's Annual Lipgloss Entry.

Each year, Bobbi Brown creates a new lipgloss for BCA.

bca_bb.jpgThis year, she has created Pink Bouquet - an exclusive, limited-edition shade of shimmery pink lip gloss housed in a mirrored, flip-top compact and packaged in a pretty pink carton.

You know how good Bobbi's glosses are, so don't even flinch when you decide you have to have it. It's high quality, and the cause is a great one.

Bobbi Brown will be donating $35,000 from the North American Sales of Pink Bouquet Shimmer Lip Gloss to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

This gloss is available at Bobbi Brown counters nationwide, and of course online at

My advice is to get one early before it sells out, as it always does!