ChapStick Pink Pack.

Who doesn't need a ChapStick?

All of my kiddos have one in their desk at school, and they use it (so they say) a few times during the day. And it is routine for them to put it on after they brush their teeth before bed. It has been my routine to apply lip balm before bed most of my lifetime, and I have instilled that into my children. YEAH! I hate chapped lips, and I don't want them to ever have to suffer. And they have not.

bca_chapstick.gifSo, when I was at Bed, Bath, & Beyond last night (so loved the pink display of KitchenAid pink products) I saw the ChapStick Pink Pack. I promptly picked up 2 packs ($5 each), which contain 3 tubes in each. We are now well stocked for the Winter.

And what I really liked about stocking up this month, is that for every ChapStick Pink Pack sold, ChapStick donates 20 cents to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

My youngest one, who is 6, asked why he would want to use a "pink" ChapStick. All I had to do was mention how it was specially packaged to make people aware of a special cause that helps sick people, and how by purchasing one of the tubes some of our money went to the charity, and he was easily impressed. He ran upstairs to tell his older brother, in which seconds later my 9 year old came running down asking for his "pink" tube. They make a Mom proud!

Stay tuned for a post on what my daughter and I picked up at the mall last night, as she was really into the cause so much that whenever she spotted a special pink product in a store window, we had to stop in and make a purchase.