A Powerful Peppermint Polish.

Is your skin feeling or looking tired? Does it need a glow? Mine did, until I started using these Mint Buffing Beads from Renee Rouleau.

rr_beads.jpgI recently started using this scrub, polish - whatever you want to call it - twice a week. With a powerful punch of Peppermint from the pure Peppermint extracts, my skin immediately feels tingly, refreshed, and what I really want - glowing!

The micro-beadlets of Peppermint work hard to polish away dry skin cells which helps to unclog and refine the pores, and basically smooth out my skin tone. And as an added benefit, the potent Vitamin K which this product is full of as well, is absorbed into the skin as it is broken down in the exfoliation process. Vitamin K helps to strengthen capillary walls as fresh blood is being circulated to the skin throughout he process. So scientific!

Seriously, my skin tone is much more evenly toned, and like I said glowing from within.

The jar is $29.50 and is available online at reneerouleau.com. And be sure to check out their awesome gift sets they have created just in time for the upcoming holidays!