One to Display.

What a pretty display! And a pretty display of eye shadows to boot. What am I speaking of? Why the Bourjois Astonishing Acrobat Eye Shadow Tin, of course.

Bourjois Ashtonishing Acrobat.jpg

This is one of those products you need to display proudly on your vanity, or in your bathroom for all to delight in viewing.

Packed into this beautiful vintage style tin are three "astonishing" eye shadows. The colors are the colors of the season. A beautiful frosty smoky eye will sparkle when applied - either in an everyday way, or a more dramatic one for the evening. And there are even directions (on a cute little "tip" card) on how to get a bevy of looks. The colors are soft silver, a light pink, and a almost black, dark blue.

Bourjois Astonishing Acrobat Eye Shadow Tin is just $28 over at