Introducing - Friday's Face.

fridays_face.jpgA new feature - Friday's Face.

In an effort to get more readers involved and to find out what our readers really use on their face, we have decided to give them a voice and a feature.

Each Friday, we will feature a new reader and what she uses on her face. Whether it be skin care, makeup, or both, we will share some new faces with you. And hopefully some new product ideas too.

If you would like to be considered as a face for Friday's Face, please send us an e-mail (address below) with the subject line: Face. We will need your name (first name only, please), where you are from (just the state or country name is fine), and your age. Then we will need a list of the products you use to "make up" your face. We would like to include both skin care and makeup in the feature, but if you prefer to share only one, then that will be fine too. Please do not list every product in your makeup bag, simply the ones you are wearing on a given day. Please send the info to beautifulmakeupsearch at yahoo dot com .