Gift Cards Galore!

vsgiftcards.jpgLet's here it for the Gift Cards! I hope Santa brought you some to your favorite stores.

I love, love, love Gift Cards.  I dropped hints to everyone that I need new "pretty things" from Victoria's Secret, which I do - really. But I forgot to tell them about the huge line of Beauty products they carry now. Oops!

So besides some pretty new undergarments, look at what else I picked up online from their ever expanding beauty department:

Very Sexy Makeup Mosaic Blush - looking for a new everyday blush and this looks do-able in Love Life.

Girl2go Naked Eyes Eye Makeup Remover Wipes - these look so convenient, I am just hoping they do the job and leave no after oils or film.

Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara - because I am running low on this favorite of mine.

Pout Illuminator- selected this in love glow, which is an iridescent pearl to highlight and refresh (hopefully look that way, anyway). 

Patricia Wexler, M.D. Universal Anti-Aging Cleanser - been wanting to try something from this line and who doesn't need an anti-aging something?

DuWop Eye Palette - in Gray as I have been eyeing this for awhile now - can't have enough eye makeup!

That's it. How do you think I did? I can't wait to get everything - and shipping was FREE too. Right now a $100 purchase and the code SEMI is all you need to qualify for it.