Dorothy's Ruby Red Shoes.

I got my nails done today, and the color should be called Dorothy's Ruby Red Shoes. But it is not. It is called Bedazzler from Jessica Cosmetics.

jessica.jpgIt is simply the most gorgeous ruby red nail color full of red glitter. It is so perfect for this time of year.
I selected this shade from Jessica's newest collection of reds called, The American Beauty.

The polish goes on thick, but dries very quick to a nice shine. A top coat was used to make it "extra" shiny, but I do not know yet if I will have to continually reapply it or not.

My experience with Jessica Cosmetics nail color in the past is that it holds up well in between appointments, with very little wear or chipping. You see, Jessica Vartoughian , the founder of Jessica Cosmetics believes in natural nail care, and she even developed a great system to keep nails their strongest without having to use tips, acrylics, or gels. And because her polishes are all formulated for natural nails, they work very well with mine.

To read more about Jessica, visit her website at Jessica Cosmetics.