Fill'er Up!

How did Bliss know that one of my biggest problem areas this Summer is my upper lip?

I have been noticing faint vertical lines around my shrinking lip, and I am always trying to control the hair growth above my lip, while dealing with the hyperpigmentation that waxing so regularly leaves behind.

spiff_upper_lip.jpgAlong comes Bliss Spiff Upper Lip. It is a unique age-defying formula that helps solve my upper-lip dilemma’s with a - one, two, three, four – punch.

  1. 10% retinol-molcular film helps to reduce lip line wrinkles
  2. Capislow Complex helps reduce upper lip hair re-growth
  3. Miracle Molecule helps increase lip volume
  4. Alpha Arbutin helps lighten pigmentation

All I know, is that these fancy smancy ingredients are working for me and my “problem” area. With just over three weeks of use, I am noticing a difference in the volume of my lips, the decrease in lines around my lips, and my hyperpigmentation is fading. The jury is still out on my hair re-growth as my few hairs are so blonde right now, but I suspect that they may be growing a bit slower.

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