Bee Stung Lips - REALLY!

With a recent Sephora order, I selected Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme as one of my free samples. I have used the Lip Injection before (love Techno-Kiss!) and wanted to compare the difference between the two.


Well, OMG! What a difference - A-M-A-Z-I-N-G just after one am and one pm use.

I must warn you, this thick glossy substance burns - oh, yes - it burns. It burns more on the outside of the lips, so be very careful to apply it just to the lips. As I was applying it with my finger, it was hard to "stay within the lines". The burn doesn't last long though - so it can be dealt with. I fanned my lips for a few minutes, and all was well.

The effect was almost immediate, and WOW! Bee-stung my lips were. My lips actually pinked up in color and were quite glossy. The directions state to wait  a few minutes before applying any lip color - but I honestly didn't feel that I needed any. Maybe in another season, but for the summer, this was a nice, natural look.

I used the serum again at night, as per the directions. Not that I wanted my lips to be plump as I went to bed, but with continued use for 30 days or more, the effect should last longer. And the burning sensation didn't seem as bad this time. I am guessing that it will subside with continued use as well.

Ladies, I have tried many lip plumpers in the past, and I have to say that this Lip Injection Extreme gives the most immediate and full plump lips. I would highly recommend this to anyone!

Lip Injection Extreme is available for $27.50 at,, and

tf_lipinjkit.jpgSephora has just released a limited edition Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Plumping Collection  - a $62.50 value for only $29.50.

Here is what you get: a .16 oz Lip Injection, .2 oz Lip Injection Extreme, .28 oz Lip Injection Mask, and a .16 oz Lip Injection in Technocolor.

What a great way to try these products that really, truly work!!!