Back to School Beauty - Tweezlight!

So- you are in your dorm room, with not the best of lighting, and your brows need some major plucking. What to do, what to do...

tweezlight.jpgWell, introduce yourself to Tweezlight. A handy new tweezer with a bright white light built right in. It is like having your very own personal brow spotlight.

The tweezers are made from a rustproof stainless steel, with spring tension and a precision sharp point. The bright LED white light provides a clear view of the smallest and finest hair, normally invisible to the naked, unlit eye. And they come in your choice of gold or silver finishes. Oh, and each pair comes with three additional batteries, so you know you will be in the light for years to come.

Tweezlight tweezers range in price from $9.95 - $19.99 and can be ordered at