MAC's Newest - Plushglass!

MAC has finally ventured into the lip plumping lip gloss market. I mean they had to just in order compete. We all know that lip plumpers are a temporary fix, with some working better than others, so I was anxious to try Plushglass.

mac_plushglass.jpgAt the MAC store, I gazed at all the colors they had left in stock, and opened some. I first noticed a smell of vanilla with a hint of cinnamon - yum! As I started swiping the shades over my hand, I knew I had a very hard decision to make. Pretty Plush, Plus Luxe, Wildly Lush, Big Kiss, and Cushy White were my favorites. And if I hadn't just spent almost $400 at Sephora in my immediate stop before, I would have taken them all. But I finally settled on Pretty Plush (a very light pink with opalescent pearl, very similar to Oyster Girl Lipglass) and Cushy White (clear, with a hint of pearl, more like a sheen).

Almost immediately upon leaving the store, I whipped one out of the bag, Pretty Plush, and applied it over my slightly worn off lipstick. The vanilla flavor was there, but the taste of cinnamon was undetected. Then about 30 seconds or so after applying, it became cool, not too tingly, with just a fresh and cool feeling.

A few minutes later, I checked to see if I noticed any extra fullness. My lips seemed a bit fuller, more so smoother and hydrated looking.

Happy? Yes, of course. I mean it is another new lipgloss, from MAC no less. But would I purchase it on the sheer fact that I wanted fuller lips? Probably not. Bottom-line, if you love lipgloss, the shades are beautiful enough to want to buy Plushglass on that premise alone.

Plushglass is $17.50  at