Back to School Beauty - Light Up Your Senses and RELAX!

Does going back to school - or falling backing into a work routine - get you down?

First - stop. Take a deep breath. Let the stress out by taking a moment of silence. RELAX.

In these last minute days of rushing around before back to school, I have found myself needing more than just a few moments of peace. And I have found the most wonderful candles that I have been lighting up all around me to aid in my much needed relaxing. They are from a new company called Lumiere Candle Co..

lumiere.jpgLumiere candles are created with the highest quality materials infused with natural fragrances. Their specialty soft wax and enhanced concentration provides a superior candle that fills the room with a delicate scent. All of Lumiere candles are free of unnecessary dyes and additives - making for a cleaner home and environment.

The candles ($15)  are available in an assortment of 16 classic scents that will fill the room with the most beautiful bouquet of fragrance.

My favorite fragrance is Exotic Pomegranate - the wonderful scent blend helps to rejuvenate my mind - helping me on my journey toward LESS STRESS.

Take one to the dorm (if it isn't against fire code) or into your office, and enlighten your senses.