Back to School Beauty - Good to Go!

Being back at school, I realize that there is just no time for a proper manicure, or even doing your nails for that matter. Well, when you do find the time to give your nails a polish, I found a great top coat to get you out the door in under 3 - three minutes!

essie_gtg.jpgEssie has created Good to Go!, and it is being touted as the fastest drying top coat - ever! It features a patented formula that not only dries nails to perfection, but it keeps polish looking great with a high gloss shine, while protecting it from chipping and yellowing.

So I sat down, and took the time to do my nails... nothing fancy, just a fresh paint of polish (Essie's Beach Party). I used two coats, let that dry for under a minute and applied Good to Go!. I watched the clock, and began touching them after a minute. They felt dry, but I was afraid that the polish would smudge without giving it more time. So I gently waved my hands around for another two minutes, and then gave my nails another feel. Amazing - they were totally dry. I rubbed my nails over my sleeve, and no pulling or smudging was felt in any way.

I am so happy with this, and highly recommend it to anyone who does their own nails.

You can find Essie's products at fine salons nationwide. And if you don't know of one, their website has a salon finder - here!