Am I Crazy? $40 for Black Eyeliner?

Maybe I was tired. It was late. Like almost 11PM - yes I am getting old.  I ordered this from QVC while flipping through the channels:

smashbojet_set.jpgSmashbox Jet Set Eyeliner with Brush. The total with shipping + tax = $40.24. Eek...that's a lot for another black eyeliner.

The lovely Holly Mordini, Smashbox's VP of Global Artistry, showed how this eyeliner with brush is perfect for lining the inner rims of your eyes - usually a beauty don't. But said this was specially formulated to dry quick on the inner rims and didn't smear or smudge into the eyes.

I like the small angle in the brush - and that could possibly be enough to justify the purchase.  I am just hoping it works for the beautiful eye looks for Fall on me!