Happy SUN-day!

Another Sunday in Summer. Another day to try out a few SUN-free tanning products, perhaps?  Yes, my obsession with self-tanning continues.

I tried two new self-tanners this week.


The first was Kiehl's Sun Free Self Tanning Formula ($22.50). This formula is a very lightweight lotion that dries awesomely quick. The cream is enriched with goodies such as Apricot Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Vitamin E. The goodies help it smooth on evenly so it is very easy to spread and rub in. You just have to do it pretty fast, as it does dry fast, like I said before. And it has a nice, clean cucumberish fresh scent. My color really started to develop in just over an hour, as I noticed my face getting slightly golden.



Next I tried Bath and Body Works Solar Power All-Angle Professional Airbrush Tan (regularly $15 on sale for $9). As my latest obsession is with these airbrush tanning formulas that can be easily sprayed in any direction, I had been eyeing this for some time. When sprayed, you are immediately surrounded in the nicest orange-vanilla scent - yum. You can see exactly where the formula is sprayed, as it goes on very wet. Unfortunately, you stay wet for a good ten or so minutes (did I spray too much?) and have to wait to dress until it is fully dry. The color developed slowly over about four hours, but the color was a nice rich golden one.