Fashion Week - Smashion Week.

So, the ever so famous Fashion Week is in full swing at NYC Bryant Park.  Am I the only one sick of it already? Fashion this - fashion that - fashion smashion!

They are showing Spring & Summer lines for next year - and I am still in my Summer wardrobe from this (still) Summer season. I have such a problem looking that far ahead.

I do like to see the different makeup looks and the behind the scenes stuff - that to me is the most interesting. But I remember - and you must to - that what we see is runway. The fashion, the makeup, the hair. While we may take the cues from the looks - do we ever see these actual clothes on the real street? On real people?

A few seasons ago, I went to the final day of Fashion Week as a guest of a good friend.  I found the entire thing very superficial. I saw so many fashionista and celebrity wannabes, it was ridiculous. Maybe I was just out of place because I am not in the "biz."  But my friend is a major buyer for a very large retailer, and even she was treated like a nobody - mostly because she wasn't a famous face.  Or could it have been that everyone was so exhausted by that final day and just didn't give a hoot by then?

Oh well - I hate to critic the whole process - as it is a big deal for those who depend on it for business, but for a regular ole' gal like me - it really is not a big enough deal for me to go batty over.