In case you haven't heard, dark brownish - berryish colors are really in for the nails this season. So when I took to my bi-monthly pedicure today, I wanted to find the closest color to Chanel's famed (discontinued) color Vamp.

opi_25.jpgMy choice: OPI's OH...To Be 25 Again! from their new 25th Anniversary collection.

The shade is more then just a dark brown. It is so dark and berry - almost black. And it is richly beautiful.

I think I was the first one in the salon to have used the color, as my pedicurist called out to everyone that this was the color they have all been looking for. In mere seconds, a dozen or so lovely ladies gathered around my feet to oooh and aaah. Two requests for this shade were immediately made.

By the way, I liked it so much - I bought the bottle.

And if you were wondering - while this shade is great for nails, it is NOT in season for the lips. Keep lips in the nude to berry range, and they will blend with the nails just fine.