Back to School Beauty - Markers for your Lips!

I am tired of school supply shopping. I never had to bring anything to school but a back pack, a few pencils, maybe a favorite pen, and a binder. My kids have lists 2 pages long - ugh.

As we strolled through Staples yesterday afternoon looking at the multiple sizes and types of magic markers there are - I wondered - what about a magic marker for your lips? Voila - there is one. I totally forgot about it - but I need to refresh my (and your) memory.

bj_lipstain.jpgBourjois Lip Stain Pen - the equivalent to a magic marker for the lips. Inside this nifty pen is a lipstain - that comes out through the felt-tip - just like a marker. Yes - I said - a magic marker. It is very cool.  All you simply need to do is glide the tip of it ever so gently over the lips. They immediately feel wet - water-like wet. And then almost instantly - they dry - with a beautiful flush of color.

The color really soaks into the lips, leaving a very matte finish. All you need to do is top it off with a bit of gloss, and you are good to go. And the stain - it stains. Really, it lasts, and lasts, and lasts- day and night. A tint was even seen after removing my makeup - but it was gone by morning - phew!

Currently, there are 4 pretty colors to pick from - and at just $15, a nice deal.

Now what will you think of when shopping for boring magic markers? (I'll be thinking about Sephora too!)